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The Prime of Miss Nat Newman

Joe the awful concierge makes fun of her thinking that the gay ice-dancer's dad would ever give her an advance, and hisses: "Here's an idea. If you need money, make your fucking drops. You got more stuff, right?" And just like that, ass-pull complete. Little envelopes of cash all over the hotel, just waiting for her to snag and bag them for her escape. She heads out to find them, like a demented Easter bonnet, but they're missing and she can't raise Joe on the walkies. It's tense and kind of confusing for a second, but then she gets to the fourth one and there's Latrice, grinning madly, tucking cash into her apron.

Nancy babbles for a bit and Latrice gives her that look and finally she just winds down and asks -- just blatantly asks -- for the money. Latrice grins frighteningly and Nancy shouts about the boomerang. "Joe ain't have to tell me shit. Changing the schedule last minute? Nathalie has to clean this room, Nathalie has to clean that room... I'm thinking this bitch must be bad off, fucking a mini-heeb for better shifts. Then I discovered your little packages." Latrice mocks her as a "baller-ass drug dealer" and Nancy swears she was just on her way out, no longer a baller-ass anything.

Speaking of things somebody really should have told Nancy by now, which this episode is full of to a clear-the-decks degree, Latrice points out that the worst thing about finding out your quasi-friend at work is a dealer: "I feel like an idiot for playing by the rules this whole time. Fuck you. Making me feel like a sucker for trying to stay correct." I always wondered about the percentage of that, in the rage that comes up about this stuff. Do we just hate secret crime because assumed our own limitations?

Nancy tells Latrice she can take over the whole operation, if she wants, but just begs her to hand over the cash from today so she can disappear. There's a door and Latrice is standing in front of it. Latrice is wearing long feather earrings that look totally amazing, with her shaved head. I love this actress so much, I wish she was in everything. This is the first time I've seen her play like an average, sexy lady and not a forest witch or a secret tranny murderer.

Latrice grabs a giant Toblerone and a beer from the minibar and considers her life as a lawbreaker. "I could have bought one of these any time. Toblerone. They always felt like something somebody like me ain't supposed to eat. 'Girl, it's for white people. Better get your black ass to the store and buy a Kit Kat.'" Something about that rings very true. I can't think of an example -- like, that thing where your money makes more money just by being money somehow, that seems like an advanced white people thing; apparently it involves having multiple "dads" from various socioeconomic levels, but possibly this is also code for something -- but yeah, you only see Toblerone in hotels and Target, and in both cases the margin of price between it and a Kit-Kat seems nonsensical and, in and of itself, very Caucasian. On the other hand, I don't even really like candy and I would still wreck shop on a Toblerone if presented with one and left to my own devices.

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