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...where Nancy shows up in front of Valerie's work and tells her that the P.I. she hired shook Nancy down and took all the money she was going to give Val, so now that money's all gone. The thing is, Nancy doesn't technically owe Val this money legally, which is what she tells Val right here. What she doesn't tell her is that she did feel like she owed Val this money morally, and that's the debt she's trying to get out from under right now. Because if Val sent the P.I., and the P.I. blackmailed her, that means Val's no longer more innocent than she is, which means Nancy no longer has to feel guilty and thus doesn't owe her shit. It's a dark and winding road inside Nancy's head sometimes, but that's what's going on. And after telling her the money's gone, Nancy adds an additional "fuck you" by saying she thought she needed a friend, but she really doesn't. "Don't call me," she says definitively and drives off. Okay, A) Nancy clearly did need a friend, and it makes me sad to think she's now convinced herself otherwise, and B) if this is the last we've seen of Valerie, I need to mention just one more time that Brooke Smith is the shit and should have a mantle full of awards and made this show so much better these last few weeks.

So Nancy returns home to find Conrad on her couch, and she's smart enough to know this isn't good news. Conrad tells her about Celia stopping by Aguatecture. He had no idea what she was up to, but he still had her number from back when he banged her, so he called her up. She told him that she knows Nancy fucked her boyfriend, she knows Nancy's back selling drugs, and she'll be in touch. Conrad: "How bad is this, Nancy?"

Oh, SHIT. Celia's gotta die, y'all.

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