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Cooking With Jesus

Death Cab For Cutie favour us with their "Little Boxes," and then Nancy is inspecting her ass in the bathroom mirror as she calls Peter to break things off. It sounds like there's actually some measure of truth in what she's saying as she explains that, as a new widow, she can't get involved with someone who could get killed while just doing his job: "I can't go through that again." Peter tells her that his is mostly a desk job, but Nancy nicely tells him not to call her anymore, and hangs up.

In their bedroom, Celia lays out ties for Dean, explaining that it's for a family photo, for the campaign. Dean asks whether it can really be called a family photo if Quinn isn't in it. Holy shit, they mentioned QUINN! Drink! Celia says that she's going to be telling people Quinn is dead, to try to drum up sympathy, and then has to assure a horrified Dean that she's just kidding; she called Quinn and offered to fly her up, but they both agreed that it would be too hypocritical. Dean says that he doesn't want to be a hypocrite either, and that if Celia doesn't want him to manage her campaign, he's not going to be in her photo op. Celia says that he takes crappy photos anyway, and that it'll just be her and Isabelle. Sure, what could go wrong?

The grow-op partners hold a board meeting at a shitty family restaurant. Dean defends what was apparently his choice of establishment, but Doug is adamant -- and also rejects the suggestion of In & Out Burger because it's owned by fundamentalist Christians who are "cooking for Jesus." Sanjay makes a dumb joke about kitchen help named Jesus, which earns a grumpy protest from Alejandro, and then Nancy and Andy bustle in. Nancy tries to gloss over Conrad's absence, but Alejandro's not happy, saying that they needed Conrad's genetics for the crop. Nancy says they won't need him after they all go to the Mohasky Cup, and everyone is very impressed that she got them in. She instructs Dean to arrange for a grow house, Sanjay to research hydroponics, and Alejandro to buy equipment. She insists that they don't need Conrad, but of course, she's mostly trying to convince herself.

Speaking of Conrad: he's at a bank, trying to rustle up a loan for the hydroponic organic gourmet lettuce he wants to grow. The loan officer, Tyrell, has known Conrad since they were at camp together, and knows that Conrad doesn't want to grow lettuce; he essentially says he can't risk his job to help Conrad finance a grow-op. He does offer a calendar of consolation, but Conrad's more interested in a mittful of pens.

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