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Corn Snake

Heylia's. Nancy's picking up an order, but it's also turned into a social call, as Heylia makes cheese paninis and advises Nancy to mend her problems with Silas via family dinners. She adds that Nancy needs to remember that she's the boss: "You pushed him out your cooch, you can push him out your house." Well said. Nancy asks whether Heylia's seen Conrad, and Heylia reminds her that Nancy and Conrad aren't friends anymore. Vaneeta quietly tells Nancy that Conrad's out getting her a breast pump, and Nancy advises that she make sure to get an electric one, since the manual version takes forever. Conrad enters -- with the manual kind, of course -- and Vaneeta irritably tells him to take it back for-- "The Pump In Style," says Nancy, as she tries in vain to catch Conrad's eye. She tells Heylia she wants to try a Gruyere panino next time, and Conrad mutters, "Won't be no next time." Nancy tattles to Heylia that Conrad's talking to her when he's not supposed to, and Heylia orders him out to get Vaneeta the right breast pump. I mean, the correct breast pump. Not a breast pump that won't work on Lefty.

Celia holds a strategy meeting at her house, attended by Pam. Celia suggests the slogan "Celia Hodes: Time For Change," and Pam excitedly says that they could have a picture of a clock, only instead of numbers, there could be nickels and dimes and stuff. Folks, we've got ourselves a rebus fan. Celia dismisses that notion as "retarded," at which Pam sniffs that her nephew is retarded and has to wear a helmet. Celia looks around at the coffee table laden with treats and asks where the other girls are. Pam says they're not coming; they've all bonded with Dana from their "stripper fitness" class, which Pam's husband won't let her take because he thinks it'll make her turn "lesbo," like when she took folk guitar. Anyway, at this point Dean enters with Isabelle, informing Celia that Doug knows she's running against him. Celia doesn't care. Dean adds that he told Doug he couldn't manage Doug's campaign. Celia doesn't know why not, and Dean says he thought he'd be Celia's campaign manager, but before they can get into it, Doug storms in, on a tear, saying that city council is his thing. Celia won't back down, and when Dean presses Celia to say straight out why she doesn't want him to manage her campaign, Celia condescends, "I want to win." "Fuck you," says Dean. Celia reminds him that there's a child present. "Don't call me a child!" rages Doug. Heh. Isabelle says she thinks Celia probably meant her. Dean says he'd be honoured to be Doug's campaign manager. Doug: "We'll see." Celia asks them to take "this little pussy party" elsewhere so that she and Pam can work. Well, so that she can work, anyway. Isabelle calls Celia on her pottymouth, to which Celia has no rejoinder but a dirty look. Pam: "How about 'Celia Hodes: Making Friends'?" No more of a lie than most other political slogans.

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