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Corn Snake

Nancy's. She rallies the troops for family dinner. Silas tries to weasel out of it, but Nancy's not having it: "We're gonna be a family if I have to kill all of you!"

Turns out family dinner is takeout fried chicken. Nancy catches up with her boys. Shane got a B on his French test. "Trés bien," says Nancy. Silas is less forthcoming. Andy reports that he's writing an essay on what it means to be a Jew, for consideration as a rabbinical student, though all he's been able to come up with so far is his lack of a foreskin and the possibility that he could be a Tay-Sachs carrier. The phone rings, and when Silas looks to Nancy, she curtly informs him that they won't be taking any calls during family dinner. Somehow, the Botwins are the last family in North America to have an answering machine instead of voicemail, which is how we can hear Sanjay leaving Nancy a message informing her that the bakery is on fire.

So, it seems that a lit cigarette hit a gas line, which a firefighter informs Nancy was straight-up "negligence and stupidity." Trying to keep a lid on the giddy, Nancy calmly asks whether insurance covers an employee's negligence and stupidity, and is informed that she'll have to check with her carrier. She watches Sangjay getting oxygen; he briefly pulls the mask away to smile at her. Andy notes that she's probably covered, and starts singing, "There's no business like grow business." Yeah, Nancy? Maybe you should wait to grin until AFTER you have left the crime scene?

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