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Dead In The Nethers

Nancy finds Shane buried in pillows up in her bedroom. She tells him she saw his video, and he peeks his head out. "And?" he asks, clearly thinking he's about to get punished. "And the infidels are ready to meet your demands," Nancy smiles. And then Shane smiles. And then I smile. And tell you all to shut up.

Post-coital, Silas and Megan stare at each other for a while, and then Silas signs "I love you to her." "You fucking better," Megan says -- says! -- to him.

Finally, Nancy sits next to her bed and watched a video she and Judah had made of them having sex. It is, I am not ashamed to admit, quite hot. Nancy watches, and she smiles, and she cries, and she misses him. And then she turns it off. It's the last we'll see of Judah Botwin on this show.

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