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Doing The Backstroke

Yay! Weeds! Man, I missed this show. Last time we saw Agrestic, it was like this: Nancy had sixteen guns pointed at her head by both U-Turn and the less-than-neighborly Keshisyan group, and no pot to give any of them. Peter was dead outside, thank the Lord, and adorable Sanjay was in the grow house closet. Pouting worthless Silas had absconded with all the pot and was pulled over by cops and the more-than-usually insane Celia. Shane and Kat were in a high-speed chase with her bounty hunter Abumchuk, joined by Andy. Huskaroos continued to rule unabated.

Now: An overexcited mommy of a complainy family grew up in the grow house apparently, and because of complainy daughter's complainy bladder, they just let themselves right in. This is why you must forget your past and all that goes with it: nostalgia leads to things like bumbling into the middle of drug deals gone astoundingly south. All the angry drug dealer people hide their guns when the little girl stumbles into the kitchen, having missed her shot. U-Turn gets chatty with the Complainers, but really he is threatening them with death. Nancy begs with her eyeballs for them to help out with her situation, but the Complainers just want to bug out. U-Turn offers them the chance to hit the "reset button" and they leave, the little girl waving happily on her way out. They chorus a goodbye and then turn their guns back on Nancy and each other. Many redundant playground F-bombs are dropped until Conrad points out that they are screwed until the pot reappears. Nancy dials out again but can't get a signal; the entire house groans together in exasperation.

Celia strides up to Silas and the cops, screaming about his various vandalism behaviors related to her Drug-Free initiative. Much bavardage occurs in which Celia gets the keys to Silas's car and spits in his face about his total worthlessness. That part was tight. The Silas Takedown should be part of her daily regimen.

Nancy searches for bars all around the kitchen while the Armenians and U-Turn people chat; Silas's phone rings and Celia answers from the car. Celia delights in telling Nancy her awful son has been arrested, like the frenemy crap even signifies right now, and Nancy hangs up, telling the assembled dealers that they need to bounce and go find Celia. She promises to locate the pot and Conrad offers to stand as collateral. Each of the interested parties sends a person with her -- no raping, Keshisyan yuckily explains to his guy -- and Conrad settles in to wait, as ever, on Nancy's issues. I swear Conrad is the only person that ever takes anything seriously. Problem is, he takes everything seriously. He's my hero.

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