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Doing The Backstroke

Shane teaches himself to drive in the back of the diner, while sitting on a pile of phone books, six-packs of soda taped to his foot. It's faintly adorable.

Nancy sits with Silas at the police station and admits that she dropped him on his head when he was about 15 months old after he exuberantly kicked her in the eye. She's kind of impressed how he guessed the safe combo (maiden name) and admits to him that she desperately needs to know where the "dry cleaning" is. "My boss is going to shoot me dead," she says, and he finally grasps what she means. They freak out together engagingly about how Celia is now driving Nancy's and Conrad's lives around in Silas's trunk. Silas snits, "Can't your husband help you out of this?" She fugues out big time for a second but doesn't bother explaining that Peter's dead. Too real. Nancy leaves Silas at the station, to keep tabs on him; thankfully, she doesn't notice Shane's Amber Alert on the wall above Silas's head. This scene is like the only time I haven't wanted to smack Silas with something heavy, and that's only because Nancy just did.

Andy continues to put Nancy off about having misplaced Shane, and then he and Abumchuk learn how Shane drove the van around for an hour behind the diner before he took off. Abumchuk continues to ask questions about the Kat bounty, and after much harassment finally tells Andy how much the constant Eskimo jokes bother him. Andy of course can't help himself and calls him Nanook, earning himself a bloody nose. Abumchuk out.

The drug guys chat and bitch at each other for awhile and it's not that interesting or funny. U-Turn offers the other guys $100,000 (half their investment) to take off. Conrad freaks, but the Armenians are feeling it.

Nancy can't get ahold of Celia, not to mention that her Armenian minder lights up a cigarette in her car on top of everything else. They discuss her hybrid's mileage and sit very still. Smoker guy gets the call from Keshisyan and takes off without a word. U-Turn's representative is convinced the car is set to blow, so he and Nancy back up off it, but then U-Turn calls him and says that both Nancy's ass and grass are now his, having bought off the Armenians. If she doesn't turn up the pot soon, he's gonna have to shoot her in the pretty head.

There's kind of a neat parallel here with the Sexy Mama weed, where it's simultaneously fucking up both her regular Nancy life and her drug dealer Lacy LaPlante life. It's an emotional MacGuffin on the Agrestic side, where both Silas and Celia are basically trying to force Nancy to love them using the pot, while on the grow house side, it's just this menacing lack that is threatening everybody's actual physical lives by its absence. So instead of the pot eroding chunks out of her Nancy life, like in the first season, it's now working backwards, and all her real-life people are taking dangerous chunks out of her Lacy life by using it -- the exact same commodity -- for their emotional blackmail. Which they only feel is necessary because she spent the entire second season retreating into Lacey altogether because she couldn't find a balance. I never thought they'd be able to find yet another fresh way to play Lacy and Nancy off each other, but it's just a brilliant reversion. Kinda tells you everything about where she's at right now, doesn't it? Considering Nancy doesn't even KNOW that her child is now wandering the world with $13 in tampon money?

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