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Dunbar's Number

The credits image is a detailed diagram of the female genitalia, with the "hymen (torn)" being a particularly visceral landmark, especially leading into the opening image: a heavy lawn dart from the olden days landing like a meteor right in the middle of a hoop on Esteban's lawn. Nancy and Esteban giggle and flirt and crawl around all over each other, taunting Silas and Shane, and it's pretty annoying. Shane -- who gets weirder all the time, to the point where his director-proof uncommitted acting seems to have become the point -- explains that Esteban is performing the role of "father" here, because fathers taunt. Jogging the day he died, Judah was telling Shane that he was so slow Stephen Hawking could beat him in a footrace, then "collapsed, puked twice and died. Heh. So who's the better jogger now?" Silas is worried some more.

Nancy and Esteban discuss their marriage, the election, et cetera, and Nancy's all "fuck Pilar" because she is compartmentalized, and Esteban goes back to ragging on the boys by calling them "girls," which earns a protest -- "What's wrong with girls, besides the fact that we all seem to have forgotten your involvement in human trafficking of them?" -- from a very beautiful young lady who comes out of the house to join the fam. Silas and Shane are, um, impressed. Nancy stares, and Esteban explains that this is his daughter Adelita, whose visit he -- between raping Nancy, holding her uterus hostage, and threatening to kill her for the last like eight months -- just plumb forgot. Nancy keeps her mouth shut during this conversation, which gets harder when Adelita's eyebrows scrape the sky w/r/t to Esteban's wedding ring, because apparently his daughters and ex don't know about Nancy, which is like the opposite of okay. Adelita congratulates her disinterestedly, and then asks Esteban why her bedroom is now decorated like a hospital. Nancy enjoys watching Esteban figure that one out.

Celia gets vicious with a waitress about the difference between goat cheese and ricotta ("you can tell because it's disgusting and flavorless"), and further to its roots, ricotta comes from cows ("moo") and chevre comes from goats ("baa"). The girl offers a halfhearted correction -- "Sheep go baa?" -- but Celia just screams and bitches at her until she goes away. "I just attacked a waitress, Raylene! I'm back!" Raylene praises her You're Pretty ascension ("and with such thrust!") and Celia talks mad game about how she's trying to lock down new product, i.e. the deal with Ignacio that Raylene obviously doesn't know about.

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