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Over at Casa Reyes, one-armed Cesar is a picture of pathos trying to carve his steak with one hand while cradling the other in its sling, and updating Nancy about Guillermo's transfer, which is being held up by a federal judge. Because at this point, why not pressure one of those,too? He grouses at her for visiting Guillermo Garcia Gomez in jail, and she says honestly, "We have a history." Realizing that's neither a prudent thing to say nor the correct answer, she adjusts her course and says she'd come and visit Cesar in jail too, smuggling him gold chains and shiny shirts, with the implication that she is part of -- or central to -- a social network that includes them both now.

Nancy is a connector, Esteban is a salesman, life is a tipping point. Shane comes in and she asks if she can make him something, and he's like, "Know how to make beer?" She delivers one of those classic Nancy lines where she yells it into space with the amazed face about how this is her life: "You're not having any more beer. That was a special occasion, you got shot." He says he's kidding, but then grabs a beer and sneaks away. "We have to work together," she says, returning to Cesar and peeling an orange, for their very safety. He tells her to stick to breastfeeding, and she tells him to just do it, and he nods.

"And you can't kill him," she adds, hip finally to the whole genie-in-a-bottle aspect of her life. "If anybody gets hurt, I'll tell Esteban how you tried to shoot me, and his heart'll break all over you." Cesar complains stoically that he's good at killing, and she's like, "Life's a drag."

Then Nancy does something super fucked up, which is to take over cutting up his steak and loading a bite onto his fork and chugga-chugga-chooing it toward his mouth before he swipes it away. Which is annoying, but the fucked up part is how she totally shot him in the arm with a gun, which is why he can't cut his steak, so she's adding literal insult to literal injury here, and being sort of a bitch about it, while also saying, "Please be the baby," which is unfair in a whole other way, because he already explained to her that he's only there, and she's only alive, because he loves Esteban. So in the midst of reiterating again and again that she and Cesar are together on Team Nancy now, she's also pretty much poking him through the bars of his cage, just like she spent the first half of the season doing to Guillermo, which is a sign that she's feeling unhappy about something no matter how much she's pretending otherwise. Which is not something it would take a rocket scientist to figure out, because Nancy's Indian name is, like, "Dances With Sublimated Rage," but it's still a pretty subtle/pretty crazy way to abuse your power.

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