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Dunbar's Number

Andy's sitting behind Audra on the floor while she investigates her anatomy and tries to figure out what he was doing down there. It's fairly adorable -- "Goddamn it, show me what you were doing!" -- as she points out various points of interest: "I don't even know what that is," he says, and "I'm going to address that later." They do it some more.

Silas invites Adelita out for a night swim, knowing that his sick body is mesmerizing enough to get them over any awkwardness humps, but she's too busy reading The Book Of Laughter & Forgetting (people getting wiped from the public record, sexual and generational elision, flashmobs, women unable to stop thinking about their dead husbands, teachers fucking their students, "torment upon the realization of one's inadequacy or misery," Goethe quotes, nonsexual union, pregnancies that might get you killed, death from separation anxiety), which Silas assumes is "like a self-help thing," which all Kundera, like Hesse, basically is, so she's like "Sort of?"

Adelita asks in turn what he's reading these days, and in perfect boy form he asks her for some recommendations. As Nancy and Stevie approach, Silas welcomes Adelita to the villa, and she points out that she grew up there, so he welcomes her home instead, which is way better. She coolly tells him to enjoy his swim, and Nancy says her name before launching into a speech about how no matter how charming Silas is, he's still a guy and she's still in high school. It's mostly kindness, a tad overbearing because it's "I'm the Mommy" week in her head since Shane got shot, but also possessive of Silas a little bit.

Adelita grins and assures Nancy that Silas is not going to be a problem: "My lover is 32 years old. He's a journalist." She asks about her little brother, and Nancy gratefully complains that he's being a "stubborn Gus," refusing to latch. "He probably likes the formula," Adelita says without even trying to hide the fact that she's fucking with Nancy, but with a friendliness in her eyes that says this is a very important negotiatory moment for the four of them.

"Well, formula doesn't come out of my boob, so he's outta luck," Nancy says, just handing the whole thing to her right there. You know, as much as Nancy complained about living with all guys all the time, it never occurred to me to think about how much more she'd hate living with women. She presses her suit, offering to take Adelita to lunch so they can get to know each other -- i.e., so Nancy can do her creepy voodoo on her and turn her into whatever tool suits her purpose and doesn't threaten her like this -- and Adelita begs off, saying she's not "terribly invested" in Esteban's love life. I wish Adelita would never leave. I miss Heylia but having Adelita be right about everything is almost as good.

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