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Dunbar's Number

Andy and Audra stop to eat before fucking some more. This time it's important because he loves the peach fuzz on her back, and says she's perfect because she is flesh and blood and organs and bones -- and can name all of them -- and is thus "so cool." Which is an important step for any boy in becoming a man, when they're finally old enough to admit that porn isn't real and that real is better, and she replies that he cooks like a motherfucker, and at this point they're just too dorky to deal with.

Nancy comes out to harass Lupita with the baby monitor in her hand, because Stevie is hungry and won't nurse, and it's her fault. She towels off from the pool and asks if Nancy put tequila on her tetas, which I'm sure is an actual old wives' tale but would be even funnier if Lupita were just seeing what stupid shit she could get Nancy to do next. Nancy sends her inside, specifying breastmilk, hold the tequila, and watches Esteban laugh with some suits down in the yard.

Soon enough, Esteban comes running up like a little boy, drunk and overjoyed, kissing her like crazy: at least three of the Baja municipios and some other places I didn't recognize are totally behind him. Cesar goes off to refill his drink while he waxes ecstatic to Nancy about how those suits were consultants offering money -- "clean money," he says excitedly -- for the campaign. "Hear that sound? It is Pilar crying! I am reborn!" Nancy is understandably edgy about Pilar's fate, but Esteban's already off and screaming for his daughter. He remembers something and nearly collapses in laughter: "I hear Silas tried to hit on her?" Nancy asks carefully what is hilarious about that, and he offers that Silas isn't exactly in Adelita's "division." She corrects him: league, he means. Like how she's not in Pilar's, she thinks.

Finally noticing Nancy's totally offended, Esteban's like, "Um, you want our children to be involved with each other?" Well, they are two of the hottest people I've ever seen in my life, so that wouldn't be totally amiss from where I'm standing, but I'm not their parents. She says she's of course not lobbying for that, but is upset by his dismissive tone toward her son. "He's a nice, simple boy," Esteban offers -- clearly having drunk from the Kevin James/Ralph Kramden well at some point recently and thinking he's wandered into a three-camera sitcom -- and Nancy hisses, "Adelita has a stick up her ass!"

Esteban laughs beautifully while Cesar fucking books it out of there: "I hope so! I sent her to France to get that stick there! Now she speaks three languages and will be going to Stanford or Berkeley in a year!" He explains patiently about how meanwhile, Nancy has kept her boys close, "no matter what" she was involved in, and asks meanly which she thinks was the better choice. Her fists ball up of their own accord, and he giggles, in a cuddly boxer's stance. Her eyes are brittle as she laughs with him, then tells him he better hope Cesar feels like cuddling tonight, because he's in the doghouse. Esteban stares around, confused, when she's gone, and then starts howling for Cesar.

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