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Dunbar's Number

Celia and Raylene head down the hall to Celia's condo, and Celia's all nervous and babbling about how it was fun, "Shopping, trying on clothes, buying some..." Raylene's like, "Indeed, that is precisely what we did, yes." She waits to see what Celia's going to do, and Celia looks her up and down, and finally Raylene jumps her and they have a manic kissing session, into which Celia suddenly and totally is. A few moments later, Celia leans against the door completely bushwhacked, and Raylene looks utterly insane and throwed, with lipstick all over her teeth, and much to Raylene's surprise Celia goes, "So, strap-on..." She asks how they work, and Raylene nods and says they'll get to that, before kissing her goodbye. Celia stands in the hallway sort of dazed and thoughtful, like a fish without a bicycle.

I don't think this is a good idea. Raylene is one of those scary manicured porno claw ones, and you should always start with a vegan slam-poet one and work your way up. Just like every top was once a bottom, you gotta let that leg hair grow out before you make the conscious decision to shave it off again. Or at least go for the willowy, anemic, passive-aggressive note-leaving, slightly psychic kind that raises chickens and constantly updates the chore wheel, which incidentally is how I've always pictured Nancy, if she were gay.

Shane's in Nancy's bathroom doing something weird or maybe just spaced out, and when she finds him there he says he's looking for gauze to change his bandage. She awkwardly tries to help him, and it's really rough because she's so afraid of hurting him that she's all elbows. Silas comes in wearing the cutest hoodie and carrying Adelita's recommended Infinite Jest, which I'm calling a shout-out, but Shane knows he's really hiding out in this particular bathroom so Adelita won't know that he shits. Nancy's surprised and a little sad when she notices Silas reading a book for the first time, but not as sad as Silas is, watching her attempt lamely to help her son with his gunshot wound. He finally throws down the book and angsts out of the room, followed by Shane who grabs the bandages and sling and takes off as well. Alone, Nancy looks very small.

Isabel kicks Dean and Doug awake, where they're all tangled up on a sofa with words and pictures scrawled all over themselves, and throws wet wipes at them by the handful, and says if they want to take Celia down they'd better do it right. She nods and smiles as she says this, and is winsome, but isn't this like the eleventh time she's given this speech?

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