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Cheese Gotta Have It

Silas, in board shorts, drinking a glass of milk. I have nothing to add. Lisa, the Yoga Ass lady, shows up asking for a Wacky Pack poster that Rad liked from the sale. Not that either Rad or Silas has any business even knowing what Wacky Packs are. Silas heads upstairs to get it, and Lisa admits that Rad could give a shit about the poster. Told you! Silas smiles and suggests that they go for a walk on the beach, then sadly puts his shirt on. No shoes, though. I love the beach.

Long-suffering Isabelle hands her father a pill and then answers the door of their suite. "Fine. Pack a bag," says Celia, and Isabelle lights up. Dean and Celia have a fight about how they are both so lonely they're finally ready to hang out with their incredibly cool daughter. They do that thing where you whistle to the dog to see who the dog loves more, and Isabelle says ultimately what she wants is to be a "carefree latchkey kid" on the beach. Me too! Dean whines that he is all alone, and Isabelle points out that she isn't his wife. Nobody can withstand this logic, and he gives in. She hugs Dean goodbye, and tells him not to get shot in Detroit.

They take the hood off Nancy in a well-appointed Mexico penthouse, where the man in the suit tells her the hundred and one things he knows about her: name, Silas and Shane, parking tickets, all of it. Her hair is a total mess, just like her brain. He comes close and she makes a whole new desperately begging face we've not seen before, and then almost completely loses her composure when he tells her she's gotta be punished. I love how MLP is so naturally serene and beautiful they had to majorly fuck her hair up to a clownish degree to even sell how scared she is here. I say, just show her Spiderwick Chronicles. That awful shit could make anybody shiver.

Then of course Suit Man offers to punish her via spanking, which she's kind of into -- shades of that Modine not-actually-too-empowering style of sexuality Nancy seems to enjoy when she's freaking out -- but some dudes come in. Suit and the dudes have a loud conversation, which Nancy doesn't really catch, and then he tells the guys to take her back to the garage. Her relief is pathetic and palpable. "I'll call ahead and tell Ignacio not to shoot you," he says, "For now."

Outside the garage door, safely unbagged and waiting to be let through back to the store, she spots a poster of Suit Man and goes in for a closer look: Esteban Reyes, Mayor. Next week: Nancy goes on an Esteban hunt for a piece of the action and gets her spanking, Lisa hopefully gets Silas naked, Isabelle and Celia begin the war once again, and Andy and Doug start their condescending white people careers as coyotes.

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