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Maternity Tests

A: Nancy brings up Guillermo and he thinks he gets it -- thinks her story and his story intersect, somehow -- but she's not saying she slept with him, she's going back to the story from two seasons ago. That Guillermo killed Pilar, not anybody else. Like he was supposed to do, with her eggs in his head. Before he betrayed her to another manipulative, sexy, tough and reckless bitch. Before he went to jail, and burnt off any power she'd ever had over him with the strength of his hate.

A: Vaughn produces a picture of a party in Mexicali the night of the murder: Guillermo wasn't anywhere near Pilar the night she died.

He breaks her stories like cobwebs and throws old betrayals in her face, so she shoves more things off his desk, baring her teeth. Cops and rehab are the same thing; for Nancy a journalist is also the same thing because all he wants is the truth, and when she thinks about the truth it falls apart into stories again. It was complicated. Things happened, and were dealt with. Anything else pulls her out of the story altogether. Shines a light too bright down the tunnel, the length of the tunnel, and she's always hated the sun.

"Deal's off," she screams, throwing his camera against the wall and shattering it, stomping like a toddler.

Q: "Who does this?"

He shrieks now, mystified and angry, voice higher than hers. She's winning and he doesn't even see it: "I'm glad I didn't go to high school with you!"

A: "Spoiled cunt like you? Wouldn't even get a cup of coffee with me?"

Her breath goes out, whoosh, and she realizes it was the right play, but way too aggressive. She wanted him beaten, not angry. A slap, not a punch: Sexy, manipulative. Popsicle Patty could tell you the end of this story: You have to make them think you want them just enough that they want more. Once the C word comes into it, you've lost, because they can't even hear the song anymore.

A: They have to feel like men in order to have their masculinity threatened: Otherwise it's just the same old story. Girls that will never have you aren't really girls anymore. Just cunts.

Vaughn throws her shit out the door and tells her the deal's off, and she gets terrified. Her eyes get big and she reevaluates him for a sec before begging him to back things up. He shoves her, physically, out the door. He is disgusted. And why?

A: Because she broke his camera. Because she was playing chess and he was playing checkers and he didn't see she was going to give him what she wanted, in due time. That she needed it a certain way -- a slap, not a punch -- so that she wouldn't get scared in the telling. But she's too Sexy, too Tough, so the game fooled him into thinking the game was over.

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