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Maternity Tests

Which is no answer at all. Her throat hurts; she's still sleepy. The price of honesty is a raw throat and sore abs, once you've cried yourself out. In the car she begs Silas to call, at least so she can say goodbye. She signs the text "Mom." Me, Mom.

A: Silas plays the guitar with Lars, missing the message. Doing something fun. Easy.

A: Doug sits in his treehouse, watching Dana in the morning.

A: Schiff packs quickly, desperately; the footage from his robbery last night already on the news.

A: Shane chats animatedly to the girls from the sex line commercial; next to him, Andy's not paying attention. He can't even hear Shane.

Q: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.

A: Daredevil Girl Survives Fall.

A: Things happened to her. She dealt with them.

Andy doesn't cry, he just feels empty. He doesn't want to know.

The room's been tossed; Vaughn's TV is playing the croquet murder again and again. She steps inside before thinking twice, worried about her friend. Guillermo's behind the door, he slams it when she's inside, when she's finally turned to run. It's the first time she's fought so hard to get into this trap. Esteban appears, playing her back.

A: "You know every time I'm walking down that tunnel, every time, and once I find out what's at the end, I'll figure out then. But at least I'll know. I'll know."

He is still beautiful. His face is sad. He's trying to solve a mystery. He rewinds and plays, rewinds and plays. Her story. Things happened.

A: "No, every time I'm walking down that tunnel, every time, and once I find out what's at the end, I'll figure out then but at least I'll know. I'll know."

Her t-shirt reads You Say You Want A Revolution. It's the same tunnel, every time. It's the same answer, to the same question, every time.

A: Why would you not want to know?

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