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Free Goat

Isabelle's taking her dance class -- where they appear to be learning a number from Cabaret or something similarly sexy-beyond-their-years. Looking in, the Gossipy Bitches Of Agrestic talk about Celia's husband and the tennis pro, not knowing Celia's, like, three feet behind them. Nancy's there for Shane's karate class and she essentially tells the women to consider who their own husbands are fucking before they get catty about other people. Dance class lets out and the bitches disperse. Isabelle's shocked Celia's picking her up herself, and Celia tells her that Blanca, their cleaning lady or nanny or whoever usually picks Isabelle up, is busy driving Quinn to the airport -- she's going to boarding school in Mexico. Nancy looks guilty, though whether it's for the part Silas played in Quinn's going to seed or the fact that she has to covertly slip Shane's karate instructor some bud is unknown. Shane tells Nancy that the check for his registration fee bounced, and Nancy tries to get him to shut up about her money troubles while Celia's within earshot.

Later on, Nancy happens by Doug's office, where we learn that not only is he her city councilman and one of her best customers, he's also her accountant. Doug wears many hats. No doubt one of them says "Breast Examiner." Doug's worried that she's dry, but Nancy says she's broke (Doug: "Thank God"). Upon his advice, Nancy hasn't been depositing anything in her checking account, to keep from creating a paper trail of ill-gotten gains, so she's been running around town paying her bills with cash. Doug suggests letting Lupita go, but Nancy says Lupita's family. Besides, as she says, "I started selling so I could maintain my lifestyle, not dismantle it." Which brings me to one of my favorite aspects of this show: Nancy's not dealing weed to put food on the table. She's dealing weed to put food on a table that she pays someone else to clean. Nothing's simple. Nothing's heroic. Anyway, Doug's solution is to sell more, which is a typically Doug solution. Nancy's not all that psyched about it (despite the "Buy low, sell high" slogan he offers her -- get it? Sell high!), so Doug goes for Plan B. He's been working on ways for her to set up a small business through which she can launder her money. Nancy's intrigued by this idea of a legitimate small business, particularly if this legitimate small business can one day become her actual business. Doug, as usual, lets her down easy: "In this country, small business is fucked." It's cool hearing that line with two seasons worth of hindsight. Nice foreshadowing, Jenji Kohan. Nancy thinks she's screwed, but Doug says it'll be fine, just pick out a front business with low inventory.

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