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Pride & Predator
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A fully ambulatory Dean Hodes's testimony: He drew up Nancy's will. He was her personal lawyer, for personal matters and personal matters only. Well, except for the bakery, which unfortunately later burned to the ground. And with the insurance company, after her house also unfortunately burned to the ground. But that's it. Oh, also when the DEA called her in for questioning about the tunnel that started in Mexico and ended in her baby store. (Or maybe, he ponders, it was gang affiliation that time?) No receipts, because she paid him in cash. Um, only once. At this point his profuse sweating comes up and he starts talking about Jews eating Thai food and the whole thing goes down in flames. I miss Isabelle. I miss Celia, of course, but damn do I miss Isabelle.

The Newmen acquire a motorhome at a low price, the reasoning for which is slowly revealed in a really gorgeous way: The lady's husband, Pastor Jim, had it all kitted out, from TV to storage -- namely, a closet full of a serious amount of sex stuff -- and running well, so he wouldn't get stranded on one of his "missions." And there's a ceiling mirror, and a sex sling. Lady's like, "Just get it out of my yard." Doug can identify, but only because he also eventually went down for embezzlement. Not the weird sex stuff.

Getting everything situated, Nancy considers spray-painting the van -- GOD IS AWESOME LOVE!, it screams, with the Love part a little wonky obviously -- flat black, which I'm told is called "murdering" it, as in, it would be a "murdered-out van." I approve, so does Andy, it's probably a real bad idea. Shane asks if he can have Cesar's car, since he's a licensed driver now, and Nancy A) reminds him that his license is fake and B) she's still deciding whether or not she wants to set it on fire. You can tell she delights in the idea. But Shane has her number: "Can I drive it at least once before you set it on fire? Please? I got kidnapped!"

Will they sleep in it tonight? Nancy: "Tonight, and the rest of our lives on the lam." She's all about finding more washing machines -- Pastor Jim already has one in there -- and then she lets Shane drive Cesar's car, in a convoy. Shane's right back on her about testing out of high school, like Silas (wanted to or actually did, I can't remember). At first she's resistant, but then the whole Nancy/Shane thing starts up again and she's like, "You know? Tell you the truth, high school blows. It's overrated, and you're not really suited to it, anyway. You're right. We need an alternative plan, one that's more suited to your path." But not homeschooling, since that's what she's been doing since Agrestic and it hasn't worked out great.

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