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Pride & Predator

Aggressively, Palinesquely folksy Pastor Randall Newman, Asst. Pastor Ted, and Silas: "Billy. Picked him up hustling the streets of Seattle. Shattered husk of a boy, but he's coming back, aren't you, Billy?" It's nice when the truth is part of the lie, although the "shattered husk" part came more from the GTA and losing his college dreams and less from the whole male prostitute thing, which was only like one time and no touching.

Pastor Randy apologizes for speeding -- "Writin' a sermon in my head about the hard times we're fallin' on in this country. Folks goin' bankrupt, people livin' in a bad spiritual state, givin' up hope" -- and the cop asks, in indeterminate tone, if he can ask a question: "What's it mean about turn the other cheek?" Everybody in the van instantly thinks about Israeli porn. At this point it may well be impossible, and that was like three scenes ago.

"Well? Our God is a forgiving God. To engage in retaliation is not to live in his image. We should live as gentle puppies. Frolickin'. Softly tumblin' against each other." Like hash, made of puppies. That might be my favorite thing Randy ever said. He blesses the cop lots of various ways and they are off once again. That scene was very good. This episode is pretty great.

They find their way to a strange, legendary off-the-grid trailer park on an old set of western movie sets, thanks to Guru Andy ("Deep outlaw shit"). That always makes me think of Charlie Manson, which makes me think letting Andy start a cult would probably turn out poorly. Although with sermons like "puppies softly tumblin'" maybe not. A crazy old trailer lady who looks like she is made of the road comes up and welcomes them -- named Sodapop, skin like leather, face like leather, pink and yellow tennis outfit like something out of Raising Hope -- and sends them down to an empty space. Silas doesn't speak a lot but this time he's making it count: "Sugarpop is some deep outlaw shit." She invites them to "social hour," at the fake dry goods and feed store.

Nancy gets fed up with the boys all sitting around and reading gay porn and starts yelling about how it's their home and it needs organizing, etc., and it turns out that they don't have any water. Not for showers, not for the toilet -- noted too late to avoid a Doug Surprise, predictably -- not for the washer, not for (per Shane, of course) the baby formula.

Nancy just starts hitting them all about the face and hands, due to her whole drug dealer career being based in not living somewhere like here. This season has been hard on her definition of Quality of Life but that doesn't mean she can't get pissed about it. She's not being a lion, right now, she's playing at it; there's something missing: Once they're gone she sneaks some gay porn in back and gets started on calming down.

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