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Big Rocks and Candy Mountains

Silas complains to Adelita about not getting to leave the Reyes compound, and she informs him it's on Nancy's orders. "I was going to go jogging," he whines, and she looks at him like that's stupid. He claims it clears his mind, and she laughs: "Of what?" She smiles like the Joker and tells him to chill out and be less serious about everything. "Since I can't leave, some friends are coming over for a little party. Join us, hang out, loosen up. 'Clear your mind.'" He's excited, but just in case you were thinking her friends weren't going to be jetset prep dicks, she tells him to change his clothes.

Cesar tells Nancy to wait in the jailhouse while he looks for Esteban, reminding her that "the 'local color' isn't white." She acquiesces, and Andy shows up with a pile of magazines: Siempre Mujer, TV y Novelas and something called Women's You-Niverse from July 1974. Dude, the whole world is Nancy's youniverse. "I Was Frigid, Now Hear Me Roar," she reads from the cover. "A Diet That Makes You Grow Younger." "Is Bisexuality Thinkable?" When you put it like that, 30 years have not really improved us by like leaps and bounds.

He bugs her about the ring some more and she continues to flip through the magazine. "Are You Truly In Love," she reads, and he immediately swears that he is, but she laughs and says it's the title of a quiz in the magazine. He whines that she doesn't even wear the ring, and she says Judah gave it to her; Andy points out that Esteban gave her a new one.

This is the first day she's even been allowed to look at Judah in any real way, and question her life from there to here. "Husband" only sounds weird because that's Judah's word. And she could handle it when Esteban was Esteban Reyes, but now that he's gone and maybe dead and can't offer any of the things he used to offer, it started sounding weird again. So it's really bad timing for the ring thing, today in particular, which obviously makes it great timing, because she A) is remarried to someone she loves and B) has been wearing widow's weeds for five seasons now. So the question isn't really whether or not she's willing to let Andy be more than The Baby, or even whether she would change history for her kids: it's which ring she wants to wear. Any day before now, the question would be even more complicated. Today, she actually has room to consider it.

Cesar appears and says they have to go to the sixth floor, but first they need a number, and Nancy's bored so she hands him part of a wad of cash to buy a better number. He takes the larger remainder, and vanishes again, and Andy says they should take the love quiz in the magazine to determine who gets the ring. Nancy points out that quizzes are bullshit and that it's 1974 anyway, and Andy says that the criteria for amor are eternal, and maybe she's just balking because she can't handle the fact that his love for Audra is like a red rose. So she starts. 1) When you are away from your love, and you think of him, do you feel: A) Joyful B) Sad C) Lonely or D) Horny. Andy stares at her, because all of the above all of the time.

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