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Big Rocks and Candy Mountains

The prep school dicks are all popped collars and insouciance, harassing Silas about how he's not even from Malibu and went to school at Agrestic High. They discuss the merits of public school, and Adelita at least tries to be cool, but the boys say half the reason she was in private school was so she wouldn't have to deal with "public dick." The cuter one takes off with her to go be smarmy somewhere else, and the other guy offers Silas some... Heroin.

"What is the glue that holds your relationships together for life?" Nancy answers, without looking at the answers, that it's Elmer's. Andy points out that this is glib, and that in fact "love" is a better answer, because "true love can overcome any problem." Gross. She points out that his entire life is a fairytale, and they're both getting angrier and angrier, because while he's using his Audra obsession against her, it's also rubbing painfully up against her newfound ambivalence toward Jailbird Esteban, and her responses are understandably getting more and more infantilizing, and they're both edging out further and further on their respective limbs just to keep traction, so it's getting nastier all the time.

Andy says that Audra makes him feel like every other woman was wrong, a mistake -- the bored elevator women are intrigued -- and he asks if she feels that way about Judah. Nancy points out that there are different loves and different marriages, and you can't rank them. She's right. She's right about all of it, of course, but Andy's not hearing her: there are as many ways to be in love as there are people to be in love with. But from his direction, he's a hammer so everything looks like the same kind of nail. The nails that look more like Nancy -- or in Mags' case, look more like the opportunity to screw his brother and thus screw Nancy -- are more attractive, but they're still just nails. Romance.

Cesar speaks up, and the whole crowded elevator listens to him: "I've been married for 27 years. We have three beautiful children, and a deep abiding love. But our glue is made from sharing, connecting, communicating. And I never bring my work home." Andy loves it, because that's how he feels. Or to be more specific, how he would like to feel, once he leapfrogs over all the messy living that got Cesar there, and uses Audra to transform himself.

Ignacio gets on the elevator of Celia's condo, still wearing his dog mask, and looks down at a smoking housewife from central casting with curlers in her hair and a Pomeranian on a leash. At Celia's door, he smashes through eventually, crying because it hurt so bad, and then grabs the bowling bag full of cash and runs off.

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