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Sullivan takes Celia on a tour of the Shit Highway construction site, because that's obviously going to get her all hard for him. He's laying the innuendo on her pretty thick and ends up telling her to get over her issues with Dean already. Celia says they should start with a date. This trip down Celia's own personal Shit Highway is interrupted by Doug, who's wearing a "Save the Dirt Shrew" t-shirt and has a wildlife cop in tow. They're halting construction pending further investigation of the Dirt Shrew's habitat. Doug clarifies that they're talking about the shrew on his t-shirt rather than the one in high heels and a hard hat who's been sucking Sullivan's dick.

OH MY GOD Nancy is holding down U-Turn's legs as he does his crunches. If she starts actually wiping his ass for him, I'm out. Marvin grouses that he does a better leg-holding job, and U-Turn instructs Nancy to tell Marvin to shut the fuck up. Nancy scrunches up her face and yells, "Shut the fuck up, Marvin!" Okay, that was funny. So you know how the rest of this goes: Nancy forgets that U-Turn is a scary drug dealer, she asks him if she can split so she can run some errands for her party tonight, U-Turn grabs her by her throat and threatens her, reminding her yet fucking again that he's a big scary drug dealer who could kill her. We have literally seen this scene six dozen times this season. I checked.

Back at the old folks' home, Silas continues to schmooze the elderly when Mary-Kate approaches and introduces herself as "Tara." Silas makes note of the cross around her neck, and she says she's tight with the Lord, even when she's smoking, hint, hint. She smiles and tells Silas she won't rat him out, at least not if he smokes up with her tomorrow. They'll get high and she'll tell him about her friend Jesus. Lord knows what Tara will behave like when she does smoke up considering she's speaking like she's utterly stoned right now, but I have to say Mary-Kate is growing on me a little.

The Majestic party (where apparently ice sculptures come on the cheap). Sullivan compliments Andy on the food and then tells him he's got a movie shooting in one of his empty houses that needs a caterer. He then finds Nancy and compliments her on the party but also asks how much of the five grand she "stuffed in [her] bra." Nancy admits to taking half. "Can I feel it?" Sullivan grosses. Nancy says no, in which case Sullivan says next time rent a hall. He points out some party guests he needs Nancy to help him schmooze, but Celia interrupts to take Nancy by the arm into the laundry room so they can at long last have a talk.

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