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Inside the laundry room, Nancy's too distracted by the sight of the heroin trunk to have much of a conversation with Celia. She ends up telling her everything is fine, since Celia got her a job with Sullivan and all, and I'm not sure how much of this is truth and how much is expediency. Nancy certainly doesn't have that blazing anger towards Celia in her eyes anymore. But poor Celia takes this as a sign that they can be friends again, and you know how seriously Celia takes her friendship with Nancy. She starts to ask if Sullivan ever talks about her, and Nancy lies that he does. Then Sullivan busts into the laundry room, followed by Andy, and Nancy ends up clearing everyone out.

Shane's eating mini-sausages in the kitchen and tells Nancy he needs to talk to her, but she brushes him off, again. The amount of drugs this kid will eventually consume in his lifetime is just staggering to consider.

Sullivan finds Celia at the party and smooths on her, going so far as to sensually buckle her shoe. Hey, I'm just telling you what happened. Celia continues to play hard to get, but Sullivan says he's not backing down. Celia has no problem with that.

Tara finds Silas on a playground jungle gym, and she's still behaving like she's already wasted. She also reveals that she's a totally devout Christian who doesn't drink (except wine), doesn't smoke (except weed), and doesn't have sex (but can fool around just fine). She and Silas share a joint, she notices his boner through his pants, and then she climbs on top of him and they start making out. It nice that Silas has finally found a girl whose complex moral structure and self-deluding compartmentalizing rivals his own mother's.

Back to training with Nancy and U-Turn. They're running up a hill, Nancy looking chipper but U-Turn looking fairly winded. Marvin's trailing not too far behind, swinging his arms and keeping his heart rate up. Nancy prods U-Turn to keep going, but when they start to run again, U-Turn collapses. Marvin says it's his high blood pressure and tells Nancy to run and find someone with a banana: "He needs potassium!" Once she's gone, however, Marvin's face gets steely and he looks into Marvin's immobilized but conscious face. He either tells U-Turn that he's been "tagged" or "tanked" or something similar, but the upshot is that Marvin got the drop on him but good. He starts suffocating him with his meaty forearm and says this is for saying Marvin was too stupid to be second in command, for making fun of him when he went to see Dreamgirls (HA!), and for never letting him count the money. Okay, maybe this doesn't quite make up for all those repetitive scenes of terrorizing bitches, but it's not half bad GO MARVIN! U-Turn's body goes limp just as Nancy's making her way back, banana-less. Once Marvin spots her, he cradles U-Turn's lifeless body and starts wailing that he's dead.

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