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He Taught Me How To Drive By

Nancy's at the construction site, passing out fake identification. She spots Guillermo and his crew showing up to retrieve the heroin trunk from her car. Guillermo does a mini-version of Nancy's brick dance for her...amusement? As a threat? As foreplay? Probably all three, given the way this season's been going. And Nancy smiles at Guillermo's antics, of fucking course.

Sullivan's office. Nancy comes in from the pouring rain and tells her boss that his workers have been fake-legalized and his referendum has been signed. He points her to the bathroom, where there's a towel in case she wants to get out of her wet clothes. I'd let fly with an "inappropriate" right there if Nancy weren't busy stripping down to her underwear and climbing on top of Sullivan right now. Oh, Nancy, for Christ's sake! It's just from bad idea to worse with her, and she seems to be sleepwalking through all these bad decisions without giving them any thought at all. Just serving herself up on a platter for every disgusting man she encounters. She's been all downhill since she stopped going to Heylia's every day. Miss Heylia James would have certainly advised against this course of action, and probably cooked Nancy up a panini besides. Anyhoo, Nancy cautions Sullivan that the last two guys she got involved with ended up dead, before Sullivan starts going down on her with his gross little face.

Speaking of gross men in Nancy's life who ended up dead, we cut to a drainage ditch somewhere and we see that the body of one Agent Wonder Bread has floated to the surface. More good news! Who will Nancy fuck to get herself out of this one?

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