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Did Newton Need Blake?

Celia is passing out in a rehab group session as the woman talks about how "all the pain will hit you at once," which... I wish Nancy were in rehab. Celia is lucky as hell this season. The group leader says they are not alone, and the others in the group will become their best friends, which seems like a sketchy proposition until the camera pans to ODENKIRK!, who looks twitchy watching Celia scratching and sniffing herself and the world respectively. "You're all going to hell together," the lady says comfortingly, and ODENKIRK! raises a fist:"Give it up! Let's go to hell!" Anywhere. I would go anywhere with that man. I would go to Naperville, IL for Bob.

Sanjay's reading one of the Knopf James Merrill editions, I think Changing Light At Sandover. I looove James Merrill; I wish he were famouser. I wonder what he would think of this show. I think he'd love Nancy; I think he'd love Celia more. Nancy appears at the door of Maternity World, which is locked at midday. Why? At the edict of, quoth Sanjay, "The sexy scary bearded one." Nancy's incensed, but Sanjay has a point: "I do what I'm told by men with semiautomatic weapons. I'm a total bottom that way." That would be a much better line if Sanjay's entire personality didn't end in that same punchline every single time he's onscreen. Could you pass me the salt? "Yeah, of course. I'm a total bottom that way." He asks why Nancy looks so tired: "Love tired? Sex tired?" White slavery tired. Gun smuggling tired. Child Protective Services tired. "Tired tired; I'm just tired."

Into the back room, where there are crates. Going into the hole, not coming out of it. Ignacio points out also that she looks tired, from all those girls on her back, and she asks what's in the crates -- he reminds her that he will shoot her. "It's your job to threaten to shoot me, not actually shoot me," she says. Hello, Entitled White Lady here! He fires over her head, and Entitled White Lady shoves a crate over onto the floor, like a toddler would. It's full of guns, which Nancy correctly identifies as "not pot." Guillermo comes in, and he's so over Nancy and her reality allergy that he can barely come up with a half-decent WTF. "This is a Weed-Only tunnel!" Nancy says, and the force behind that total head cheese sandwich of denial causes great cracks to form in the tectonic plates beneath California. Guillermo points out that in fact it's just a tunnel. There's another box with big bricks of heroin or cocaine or something. Nancy sighs. "When did the floodgates open?" And Guillermo's not saying anything Heylia didn't say that first rainy day: "When the water got here."

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