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I Am The Table

Esteban takes Nancy to see his pet lion. One of three. "My son has turtles," she says, just as they bring in a goat. Nancy can't tear her eyes away; Esteban says this is his favorite part. The lion goes after the goat, which makes a sound I have never personally heard; somewhere Shane's a lamb to slaughter; it's about five seconds later that they're fucking. Oh, Nancy. Up against the wall, he takes off his blood-soaked shirt; in bed, he rakes his claws down her back, drawing blood. It hurts, it feels like something. She thrashes around. When they're done he rolls over with a buenos noches, and she socks him. He slaps her back. They cuddle together with blood on their hands, on the sheets and pillow cases.

Some guy tells the asshole coyote where to find Andy; he stumps off with his leg in a complicated brace where Andy shot him in the knee. At least somebody has the option of learning about accountability. Coyote's walking wounded.

Nancy makes her way back down the rabbit hole to the US with a stupid smile on her face and long scars down her back.

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