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We Are The Table

Esteban is, to say the least, troubled by Cesar's revelation of Schlatter's last words -- that Nancy was to blame for the bust and was the DEA informant about the tunnel -- and fights against it most illogically. Cesar points out that nobody said her name in front of the agent, but Esteban's not hearing it; he says essentially that he won't condemn a person to death based on the dying words of a skinless man. Cesar is grossed out by Esteban's loss of focus, and he's not alone in that, but neither of them can say it. This is an interrogation without words.

Meanwhile, Nancy sits in Till's office dutifully -- and hilariously -- giving disingenuous canned answers to canned questions about the tunnel and the bust, while ignorant Dean grandstands and pretends to be her lawyer in this pretend interrogation. Till's snarl is both real and fake at the same time, because he has no time for Dean. Another agent appears, whispering urgently in Till's ear, and he leaves the room.

Silas is in bed with Lisa, laughing about how she's still a lawbreaking pedophile until 10:47, when he turns into a man. Lisa's ex arrives, bursting into the room with Rad in tow; Silas jumps across the room in a single bound, desperately trying to hide his very distracting nudity. Lisa sends Rad out of the room, and her ex calls Silas "Twinkie," taking a picture of his naked ass and the condom wrapper on the bed, laughing over the family court leverage she's just handed him. He says that, though she got the Cheese Shoppe and the house, she's not going to take his kid. She responds that he shouldn't have left town, but his answer -- that he'll be damned if he lets her win while also "banging *NSYNC" -- is eloquent in and of itself. Of course, as in every custody battle in history, the football in play, Rad, sits out in the hallway feeling awful. Silas bumps into him and must admit that he's leaving, probably for good. Rad is sad for a multitude of reasons, none of which are his fault.

This show has never been so much about parenting, which is why this season has to be about parenting: maternity stores, MILFs, surprise pregnancies, forgotten children and reintroduced progeny, orphans, dead mothers, deadbeat fathers, blurred incest lines, the great Wonderland birth canal; the smuggling of girls. While the show's mandate leads directly to shadow economies -- if women are denied a place in the white man's economy, they have to jump to a parallel train track, whether it's drug dealing or sweat shops -- it's also true that motherhood exists in the same space: something that only women have to deal with, that interrogates and interrupts and radicalizes the engagement with the shadow economy at the same time it's making it a necessity. If you're working to pay for your kids, why are your kids paying the price?

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