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In That Dress?

The border. Nancy drives up to what is apparently the beer-can-horse-head place, but I don't see any beer-can-horse-head and, honestly, I feel a little robbed. The set-up is "auto repair" and so Nancy gets out of the car and tells the three men -- two sweaty and greasy, one older and put together -- sitting in there that "Yo quiero uno brake light para....this car?" No reaction. She asks "Hable English?" and the put-together guy gets up and tells her to just spit it out. So she does, saying that Guillermo sent her to get her brake light fixed. The guy remarks on her hybrid, and she babbles about saving fossil fuels and Iraqi children. She glances at an SUV off to the side that is completely taken apart and asks what happened to it. The man replies, "broken tail light." Nancy asks if they can just make sure, when replacing her taillight to just put everything back where it's supposed to go (she's still under warranty, see) and then asks if while they're in there, they can overwrite that thing that prevents her from using her GPS while driving. The man replies, "That's illegal." The men start speaking in Spanish, wondering what Guillermo was thinking sending her. One of them declares that Guillermo thinks with his dick. Nancy grabs her purse and a reusable bag from the backseat -- "just doing my part for the environment" she declares of the bag, in the process completely skewering what I know to be a fairly useless (in the larger sense) fad (the reusable bags) but which I cannot stop feeling totally self-righteous about participating in -- and asks for directions to the nearest pharmacy. The two mechanics start squabbling, each wanting to direct her to their respective cousin's pharmacies. The put-together man takes her by the elbow and directs her to a third option, and they shut the doors behind her.

Andy and Silas are in the van bitching about Lenny and tending their plants. Silas confronts Andy about Lenny's claim that Andy owes him twenty thousand. Andy tells Silas he's better off without a dad, raises the bong to his lips, and then takes the hurtful comment back.

Mexico. Nancy glows all pink and white in the dusty, earth tone streets. She has a bad case of White Lady Tourette's, shouting out "Hola!" in that terrible accent of hers every chance she gets. She returns to the shop to find herself being charged $30 for the light. She is annoyed and enunciates "Guillermo" in response to being asked to pay. But pay she does; the man takes her bag of pharmaceuticals and puts it in the trunk, underneath the spare tire trap door. She asks what she does next and he tells her to go home.

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