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In That Dress?

Ancestral Botwin homestead. Andy gets off the phone and declares, "Doug says everybody fingered Celia." "Wha-whaaa?" looks from Shane and Silas. Lenny comes back from the track, and Andy gives him a hard time for not winning anything. He pushes his buttons until Lenny launches into his "August 14, 1983" story. That's the day he picked a trifecta -- Kentucky Mistress, Lady's a Charm, Please Pass the Salt. And then it comes out: the story is that Lenny had this trio picked for months, asked Andy to go lay his bet, and Andy pocketed the money to buy a toy. Andy says that every other time, the horses lost. Lenny says that Andy stole the beauty of gambling from him, stole his "win big." They get back into the What Would Judah Do debate, raising their voices until Bubbie makes a noise. Shane calls their attention to it and Lenny does whatever it is you do to tracheotomy tubes to help someone speak. She says something that Andy interprets as being about Target. Lenny interprets her Yiddish for us all: "She said 'Kill me'."

Border. Nancy's having her bag of pharmaceuticals pawed through, her cup o' urine sniffed. She harasses the agent looking at her lipstick about whether she thinks there's a tiny immigrant in there. Finally an agent gleefully announces that he's "got this one" and then approaches Nancy asking why she has drugs in her car. She manages to repress the "wha whaaa?" look as he holds up her purse and reusable bag.

Guillermo's garage. Nancy tells them that the agents tore the car apart but couldn't find anything. "It's in the engine, right?" Guillermo plays dumb. He's pissed that they confiscated the inhalers -- they're expensive in the U.S. -- and then slams down the bobble-head Jesus in front of her, telling her that there's a camera in there. They wanted to see how she'd handle the border cops. He tells one of his cronies to "edit down a highlight reel." What do you want to bet that reel is going to be heavy on the "peeing into a cup" part of the day's narrative? Nancy is pissed that there are no drugs in the car; Guillermo asks her if she thinks the guys that flew planes into the World Trade Center hadn't practiced before. Yowza. Quite a comparison. He tosses her a wad of cash and tells her she's lucky she's getting half of what he promised; she lost his inhalers.

Prison. Celia has a nasty bruise on her cheek and tears streaming down her face and I am officially super-depressed over this storyline right now. Toll comes in to the plexiglass phone and they look at each other quietly for a moment. He holds a photo up to the window and tells her that he's starting to believe her. The photo? Is of Nancy and Guillermo as they watched Majestic burn. Crash to black.

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