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Last Tango In Agrestic

Apparently this episode's cover of "Little Boxes" is by Engelbert Humperdinck. Huh. We pick back up where we left off -- Nancy spitting out what's left of the bile in her mouth. Peter appears to hand her a tissue, and she wipes off some of the sweat on her brow. Peter asks to talk to her.

In his truck, Peter explains that there are only about four hundred DEA agents in the world, and that they are charged with investigating all narcotics offenders, so Nancy's kind of not really on his radar. As she keeps babbling that she's been "so stupid," he suggests that they get a bottle of wine and figure out their situation. Sure -- what could be more enticing to a girl who hasn't had dinner and just threw up?

But in the wine bar, Nancy's recovered her colour and turned on the flirt, leaning over the table with a little smile as she asks how she can know Peter's not setting her up. He tells her to trust him, and she points out that as a DEA agent and a drug dealer, they are natural enemies. There's some flirty arguing over who was the victim in that fable about the scorpion (Nancy: it wasn't a turtle), and then Nancy asks how long Peter's known what she's really about. He says he investigated her right after they slept together, and that it wasn't hard: "It is my job." Nancy asks if he's wearing a wire, and he obligingly tilts his chin up so that she can pat him down -- not that she'd know what it felt like if he were wearing a wire, and after a long moment of tipsy pawing, she murmurs, "I love your chest." She pulls her hand back, says she's freaking out, takes off her blouse (it's okay, she has a tank top on), and comments that she loves the wine they're drinking. Peter says Nancy's adorable when she's "looped," and she denies that she is, saying that the wine flushes her, and that all girls look better with blush -- at least, that's what her sister told her. "Jill?" asks Peter. Oh, Nancy. Run away! But she doesn't: instead, she asks what would happen if she gave up her "career" -- then would he let her go? "I don't want to let you go," says Peter, which, if you've seen the whole season, resonates a lot more with you now than it did when he first said it. She asks if he couldn't just pretend he doesn't know what she does, and he says he could. Nancy replies that he couldn't, and then asks how she is to know that this isn't just an act he puts on to rook dealers. "Take them to dinner and profess my love?" deadpans Peter. "It's how I took down the Santiago brothers." Hee. Nancy coyly says that she'll never trust Peter. "Never say never," he advises. He explains that he's had more time to mull this whole thing over than she has, and now, he's "a man with a plan," and they're "gonna make this work." Nancy no longer looks so mellow and relaxed.

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