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Last Tango In Agrestic

Celia wakes Isabelle up at 6 AM for Boot Camp, since she assumes Isabelle doesn't want to be the fattest girl at fat camp. Oh hell no.

So Boot Camp, in the park, doesn't actually look all that Boot-y, given that it's being conducted by a super-cheery bantamweight instructor dude, Ricardo, with an unshakeable grin. Celia drops Isabelle off and trudges back to the car.

Some time later, Ricardo just abandons the class, I guess, and comes out to the parking lot, where Celia's sitting in her car, reading a magazine and smoking. Ricardo leans in the open window to ask if she wants to join them. She seems appalled by his effrontery, but calmly informs him that she has a tape that she does at home. I feel her -- exercising in the sun is for chumps. Ricardo says that there are no looky-loos at Boot Camp -- "just do-y-dos" -- but she says she only paid for Isabelle. Ricardo tries a different tack, saying that he's seen Celia's campaign posters. She preens at being recognized, but it doesn't last, as he nags, "To be winner, you must be thinner!" Celia finally just tells Ricardo that she doesn't have time for this, and returns to her magazine.

But, of course, it doesn't last, and in the next cut, Celia is on the grass next to Isabelle, struggling to stand on one leg. She cusses Ricardo out under her breath, and then falls on her face...

...and moments later the rest of the campers are clustered around her. Celia tries to excuse her wussiness by saying that she had chemo, but two women behind her did too. She tries, as her next excuses, radiation and low blood sugar, but both her classmates have had the former, and are diabetic to boot. "Oh, fuck you both," says Celia finally, and one of her kindred spirits gently tells Isabelle not to worry: "Your mom's going to be just fine." Isabelle: "Please. That bitch will outlive us all." Isabelle calls the class back to order, leaving Celia wussing out on the ground.

Plane. Nancy tries to sleep and drink, looking rough.

Yeshiva. Andy participates in a beginner Hebrew language lab. He glances up to see Yael watching him through the glass in the window and goofs around a little for her.

After class, Andy catches up with Yael in the hall, telling her he wants to ask her a few questions for a story he's doing for the school paper. "We don't have a school paper," she tells him. Andy agrees that it's more of a prototype, and proceeds to ask after her marital status. Yael says that she's been single since she lost her lover. He was her commanding officer in the Israeli army, until a Hamas suicide bomber blew him up in a pizza parlour. Since then, she's been concentrating on her studies. Andy agrees that grief can do strange things to you, and pimps out Judah's death for sympathy. Yael says that "Judah" is a beautiful name: "It means 'the praised one.'" Andy asks what the significance is behind her name, and, taking evident pleasure in the gory tale, she says that it's from Judges: the Biblical Yael invites the leader of the enemy army into her tent, gets him to pass out by giving him milk, and then, when he's asleep, hammers a tent stake through his tongue. She concludes shyly: "I guess my parents expected great things from me." Andy suggests that he take her out for dinner to thank her for admitting him to school -- no milk, just wine. Yael says that she doesn't date students. "Just commanding officers?" needles Andy. Yael sasses that she was following orders, and eventually agrees to a dinner date. Andy is so in over his head.

Nancy pulls into her driveway, takes a few seconds to pull herself together, and heads inside, where family dinner is going on without her. Shane and Silas shoot her dirty looks. "Rough day at the office, dear?" asks Andy sarcastically. Nancy vaguely says that she had some things she had to take care of. As she bustles around the kitchen, Shane asks what she does now that she no longer has the bakery to go to, and Nancy says that she's looking for a new small business to invest in. Silas gives her shit for blowing off family dinner, but Nancy ignores him, instead complaining about the ominous creaking sounds, and how fixing the plumbing is going to cost her a fortune. She sits down at the table in her "fear & loathing" t-shirt, washing down some aspirin with her beer, and asks how everyone's day was. They all say "okay," except Andy, who says the word in Hebrew. Silas asks "Nancy" how her day was, and she distractedly says that hers was okay too.

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