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Snakes In A Cokehead!

Silas and Lisa make "sandwiches" as pot-delivery systems; Silas says that Nancy is not the kind of person to get upset about anything or have actual feelings, and besides, it's just silly because he's almost eighteen. Anybody who's seen the show this season is waiting for that particular party, methinks. They bring the fake sandwiches of marijuana out to some snarky potheads, including Whitey/"Oh Face" guy, and Silas -- exuberantly and also to prove Nancy totally and irrefutably wrong -- jumps into Lisa's arms and suggests that they move in together... So next time you see Silas, he'll have been dumped, I'm guessing.

In the TJ bar that Doug and Andy have been hanging out in as Coyotes, there are several velvet paintings: Pancho Villa, Zapata, Julio Cesar Chavez. And now there's one of El Andy, who looks lovely as he gives a little speech about how Coyoting has been his "passion project" for "a few weeks now." Heh. He says it takes a village to smuggle a human, and says that when he sees his portrait on the wall, he smells the breath of every sun-stained face he's liberated. End of speech, El Andy. Gross. They cheer and cheer and drink and drink, and El Andy buys a drink for poor Doug, who is still Mermexless. "The man is in love with a beautiful notion," Andy explains to the tiny cute bartender. El Doug says that while it is beautiful to be in Mexico chasing a dream, it is less fun to be the sidekick. He compares himself to Andrew Ridgeley, whom Andy points out at least never got arrested for random restroom sex. That makes me feel bad for Andrew Ridgeley when you put it that way. Although not sad enough to have sad bathroom sex with him, because come on: he's Andrew Ridgeley. Doug says this is entirely his point, and tiny bartender tells El Andy that they collectively will "help the sad tall angry baby-man" to find Maria. Of course, he does this while completely ignoring El Doug and making it clear this is all for El Andy's benefit.

Nancy's doing laundry in a cute purple mom-type outfit when Silas comes home, looking kid-adorable in a big backpack and slurping on a Big Gulp and activating her mom feelings. He's downcast, because of course Lisa dumped his leg-humping ass: "Lisa and I have, um, decided to slow things down and nurture ourselves more. Replenish our reserves of oxytocin." Nancy nods, because she accomplished that, and then, at a loss, offers him the opportunity to "raid the fridge, take the car, play your music too loud..."

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