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Lude Awakening

Next thing we know, Nancy and Andy are meeting with a lawyer -- played by Allison Janney (eeeeee!) -- about Andy's legal options. The lawyer is delightfully spacey, and if she's not currently high, then she either just was or she's about to be. She assures Andy that he's only looking at probation and an anti-drug class because he had less than an ounce of weed on him. Nancy thinks that's great news, but Andy's pissed that he paid for a full ounce and Heylia cheated him. And if you're listening to the DVD commentary track, you then get to hear Tonye Patano bellow, "Were you smoking in the car? OF COURSE you were! So that means you no longer have a full ounce!" Thank you, Tonye. Nancy clarifies that less than an ounce is a misdemeanor, and Allison says that's only if the cop's an asshole; most cops just let you go. Sensing a friendly source of legal advice, Nancy asks about the penalties for edibles. "If you can eat it, you can beat it," Allison singsongs. She gives Nancy the whole rundown: It's not illegal to have weed (less than an ounce), but it is illegal to buy it. As for growing, so long as it's not broken down, you're talking 3-5 years probation. Nancy clarifies the not-breaking-it-down part, and Allison says, "Not unless you want to go to jail. Or flee to Mexico. Or Canada. Canada rocks. Primo weed. Really good Chinese food." I, uh, wouldn't know. Nancy asks for Allison's card, since in her, ahem, "business," you never know when you might need a lawyer. "What's your business?" Allison asks. Nancy says she owns a baker. "Smart cover," smirks Allison. "Call any time." And not that I'm hoping Nancy gets into any legal trouble in the third season or anything, but PLEASE bring Allison Janney back to this show. She rocks so hard.

Time-lapse Silas waits around in front of Megan's house until she shows up. He begs for her to take him back, but she just shoves her way past him. Punk.

Back at the Botwins', Silas sits in the gutter popping caps with a hammer. Nice undercutting of the "pop a cap" metaphor, I like. Celia strolls up, still in her Pink Ladies jacket, looking for Nancy. Nancy's still bailing Andy out of jail, though, so Celia sits down next to Shane. He says he likes the jacket, because who wouldn't, really? She says everyone thinks she's lost her mind, and Shane counters that everyone thinks he's weird. Celia's like, "Well, yeah, I can see that," but she's not nasty about it like she might usually be. He says he doesn't care what people think, but he's maybe not as convincing as he could be. Celia tells him to "let [his] freak flag fly." She says she's stopped giving a damn what people think, and it feels great. She has cancer and Shane's got a dead father, and both of those things make people uncomfortable, so they can either feel self-conscious about it, or they can just "be our strange selves." Shane thanks her for telling him the truth. Celia looks away for a second and then looks back at him and says, "It's a bitch, though, ain't it?" Shane nods. The scene ends before Celia allows her "free to be you and me" thought processes to drift towards her daughter.

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