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Lude Awakening

That night at the Botwins', Celia and Nancy are drinking martinis as Celia mourns the impending loss of her boobs. Nancy says after the reconstruction, she'll have the tits of a 19-year-old. Celia jokes about "going bigger, like freak show big," so that other, smaller breasts will want to orbit them. Nancy laughs that she's had one too many. Celia gets serious and asks Nancy, "Do you like me?" Nancy's like, "Really?", then hesitates and says, "Mostly." Celia thanks Nancy for her honesty, then goes to pee.

In the bathroom, Shane walks in without knocking (Jesus, Botwin men, fucking knock!), and Celia tells him to hold up for a second. She takes off her top and asks Shane what he thinks of her breasts. Silas can't quite get to saying "Like Quinn's but better" because Nancy walks in, puts a hand over Silas's eyes, and shoves him out. She then pulls Celia's top back up, looks at her kindly, and says, "I don't give a flying fuck if you have cancer. Put your tits away in front of my kid." Celia quietly apologizes, then leans into Nancy all conspiratorially and says, "I took a 'lude." And me without my roller skates.

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