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Mile Deep And A Foot Wide

After Regina Spektor's ethereal "Little Boxes," Heylia's at the playground with Vaneeta and the baby, philosophizing about the greater meaning behind the two kids in the sandbox, fighting over a toy. Nancy rolls up, bitching that the park is "not off the freeway," and Heylia orders her to sit down facing the other way. She explains that after you get raided, you get two white dudes in an Impala following you everywhere. Nancy sits down on the bench behind them, and Heylia tells her that their business has shut down, completely; nothing's going in or out. Nancy says that she and Conrad can help them while she gets back up to speed, but Heylia's like, "Who do you think you are, 'help'?" They tell Nancy that she needs to get with her husband and make him back the DEA off Heylia, even if it requires Nancy to "sit on his face with roses up [her] snatch five days a week." Nancy, behind her, looks like she's not sure roses would get the job done at this point. After a moment, Heylia sarcastically asks Vaneeta what ever happened to that Nancy. Vaneeta's like, "Oh, that white bitch who thought she was something?" Vaneeta says that Nancy "vanished," and Heylia clucks about how sad it is for her two little boys, losing both their parents like that. The barely veiled threat lands (Heylia reminding Nancy for good measure that she knows where Nancy grows, and where she lives, and will "end everything"). They pack up and leave, and Nancy thinks about where the nearest florist might be.

DEA office. Peter comes in to talk to Captain Tillman, who wastes no time giving Peter the gears over his failed raid at Heylia's. But these are but angry jokes, of course. Peter defends that the suspects were tipped off, and his colleague, an Agent Shuman, is like, "You think?" Peter says that surveillance is continuing, and that Heylia is an open door to U-Turn, but it's too late; Tillman orders him to shut down the investigation. Nancy! Call off that order of American Beauties!

At a shitty hotel, Celia and Doug lie in bed, staring at themselves in the mirror on the ceiling. Celia is half-assedly complaining that Dean forgot their anniversary. "Dean forgets a lot of things," deadpans Doug. Celia asks how long Doug and Dana have been married, and Doug makes a few ballpark guesses around the twenty-year mark before saying he's not good with numbers. Celia reminds him that he's an accountant, but according to Doug, that's different; it's "girl math." Both agree that they are "wracked with guilt" over what they're doing...

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