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Mile Deep And A Foot Wide

Well, that killed the mood. The next thing we see is Nancy sending Peter off at the door. He apologizes that it didn't go well, but she waves that off, saying that maybe they just rushed things a little. She gives him a very real-looking kiss, promises to call, and sends him off...

...but as soon as Peter's out of the house, Nancy gets a case of the atomic heebie-jeebies, blowing out all the candles, replacing all her photos, and compulsively flapping the bed linens around. She calls Conrad, who's at the grow house, and tells him that the plan didn't work; she just let Peter out of her house and she never wants him to come back. "Did he do something to you?" asks Conrad, very intensely. She vaguely says it was "nothing like that" (it was something kind of like that): "I just forgot myself..."

...and then we're getting an eyeful of Littman's naked, Segwaying ass (I guess that surveillance cameras subtract ten pounds, because damn) and hearing Conrad and Nancy's conversation as heard by a third party: Peter, in his truck out front, listening as Nancy declares that "Agent Wonder Bread" is not her husband -- not in this life, not ever. She will never love him. Conrad asks whether Peter knows that, and Nancy says she thinks not; she thinks they left it okay. Conrad tells her she'll have to fake it for a little while longer, and Nancy says she thinks she can. And in his truck, Peter stares into the street, thinking about every empty promise Nancy ever made him.

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