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Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Nancy pulls up to Megan's house to find Silas bleeding on the front lawn, a living-room window broken in the house behind him. Crying, he asks what took Nancy so long. She asks what happened to his face, and he says he just wanted to talk to Megan. She hasn't been to school in two days: "They took her to a clinic!" He says that she isn't answering messages, and repeats that he just wanted to talk to her: "And he hit me!" Nancy, getting all mother bear, demands to know who hit him. "I did," says Megan's silver fox of a father, coming out the front door. Nancy advances on him, in total disbelief that he hit Silas, but Megan's dad says that Silas put his foot through a window, grabbed a piece of glass, and stabbed Megan's dad in the arm with it, so Megan's dad stabbed him in retaliation. Nancy isn't pleased to hear this part, but when Silas says nothing in his own defense, Megan's dad orders Nancy to keep Silas away from Megan: "Your son's a fucking loser." "You taught me how to drive!" quavers Silas. Nancy tells Silas to get into the car. Once he's shut the door, she turns back to Megan's dad: "He just wanted to talk to her. What's the big fucking deal?" Megan's dad says that until Silas came along, he had a "decent, respectable daughter"; post-Silas, she smoked pot, did Ecstasy, and had an abortion. Must be Wednesday! "She was the blowjob queen of Dewey Street!" Nancy replies...and she should really be glad that Megan can't hear her talk like that. Megan's dad calls Nancy a shitty parent, and she tells him that if he lays a hand on Silas again, she'll kill him, punctuating the threat by shoving him away from her, by his face. He tells her she should leave, and she staggers off obligingly. As Nancy gets in the driver's seat, Silas looks up at the window to see Megan looking out at him sadly. Silas swipes at his tears and tells Nancy to drive.

Debate. We join it as Celia's offering her final statement, promising that a vote for her is a vote for change, and that she'll be everything Doug is not: "Active. Committed. Engaged. ACE." She gives a super-white thumb up, and the audience -- all six people in it, per Doug's prediction -- applauds. The moderator asks for Doug's final statement, but he says he's fine. This earns an even bigger round of applause. Hee.

Grow house. It's Sanjay's turn to try to get a picture on the TV. Andy enters, and asks what the humming sound is. He says that it's the generators, and explains about the Armenians cutting the power supply. Andy says that wasn't very neighbourly of them, but Sanjay explains that they're a historically put-upon people: "It's not neighbourly, but it is understandable." Andy asks what he's doing, and Sanjay explains about the technique for getting Channel 12. Channel 34 -- infomercials -- comes in without any contortions. As he prepares to leave, Sanjay announces that he bought a pair of diamonique earrings for Nancy. Off Andy's look, Sanjay corrects himself: "I mean my mother." Either way, they're lucky, lucky women.

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