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Back on Nickelodeon, Silas and Shane wear goofy goggles and hold two cans of insecticide. Doug won't help -- allergic to bees -- and Silas promises to cut Shane in for fifty percent if he helps him clear the bees out of his growhouse.

At the mall, Celia and Nancy sit on a bench. Celia apparently got dressed in pajamas for her stakeout. Guillermo opens the door of the locked store they wait outside and Nancy tells Celia to stay right there and try not to look homeless. Inside the store -- Maternity World -- Guillermo tells Nancy that he's onto her: "She's your girl!" She's puzzled at first but when he tells her that by the looks of the pictures they took off of Celia, Celia was following Nancy everywhere. She must have thought Nancy was running around on her. Nancy goes with it and then Guillermo shows her around the store and then tells her this is her new job. Nancy doesn't want to work retail, she wants to traffic. She tells him that she has to make a killing to support her family, who she's put through hell. Guillermo tells her to write down what she wants to make for the year, and she does and hands it to him. "Ask for more," he says. He'll take it to the "big man," but he'll only take it once. She writes another figure down and Guillermo shakes her hand. Nancy can't believe they'll pay all that money for her to manage a maternity store, and Guillermo just tells her that she needs to stay clean, be a clean face in front of the operation.

The Coyote wears Andy's belt buckle and tries to drag the young girl off for your usual abusive-man reasons. Andy gets up and tries to intervene but the Coyote takes a knife to his throat. Andy manages to get the gun he's got in his pocket and waves it around. The Coyote goes to grab it, but it ends up going off and shooting him in the knee. While he writhes around, Andy exclaims with proudness over what he's done: "Man, you were just coming at me, and you're such an asshole!" The immigrants start skedaddling out of there, the young girl at least has the presence of mind to run over and kick the knife away from the Coyote. Andy tells her that he'll take her and the other guy to Davenport; before he goes to join them, he leans over, takes the belt buckle off the Coyote and says "Who's the Fall Guy now, Coyote Ugly?" He then looks up with glee: "I just said that! Did you guys hear that? I just said that!" I have to admit, I did not see a likely payoff for the Fall Guy stretch of a joke, but I was clearly wrong.

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