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Sweet Like Candy

Back at Ren-Mar, Nancy sits at the head of the table, eyes wide. We cut to Andy -- who holds a bottle of chilled white wine to his sunburned face -- then to the immigrants digging in, then to Silas and Shane, bee-stung, then to Doug who is possibly at the moment anaphylactic, then to Celia, mouthing a chocolate ice cream cone. Celia has apparently been in a Harmony Korine movie this whole time, with this whole slightly retarded, bloody-mouth, pajama-clad thing going on. Nancy rings her glass and launches into a lovably nutty discourse on family. I.e., it starts with a mention of Popeye's: "In the drive-through at Popeye's today, I found myself saying 'Family Combo, please,' and I had a moment of clarity. What I mean to say is I was thinking of you today. All of you." She starts with Andy, apologizing for thinking of him as a guy you can't count on. She then welcomes the immigrants to the country and tells them to try to blend in. They are entirely too well-scrubbed after the weeks-long illegal immigration ordeal to blend in with these people. She apologizes to Shane for not being available for him lately, and then gives Silas props for taking on so much responsibility in this time of upheaval. For Doug, who is working on picking a piece of his swollen-shut face off, she sweetly tells him she's sorry he's having trouble in his marriage but he needs to find a place to stay, and seek medical attention. And, finally, Celia. Nancy takes a big breath and apologizes for leaving her in Agrestic with such a big bag and that she can stay with them for the time being. Everyone says they're sorry to Celia and they all break marzipan together. Celia gets up and shuffles by Nancy wondering "What about Till?"

Indeed. What about Till? Well, he's hanging in the karaoke bar when Nancy comes in and tells him to back off. He laughs and then she goes for the jugular. She tells him that she'll buy him a round, after which he'll remember that the grow house burned in the fire and that he doesn't have anything else on her and then go home and forget it all. He insists she give him Guillermo. She plays dumb about who that is and then wonders aloud that the only other person than Celia that they have in common is Peter Scottson. Till starts to get an eyelid tick and tells her that they worked together, doing a good job burying Peter together. She wonders, "Did we?" She continues laying it on thick, thanking him for backing her into a corner so that she could get out. She spins that she knows she was a bad drug dealer, never was good at it, and so now she's trying something new. He snarkily wonders what new thing she could be doing and she tells him that she did it. She got a normal job. We cut over to scenes of her working at her store (where apparently jean shorts cut it for workday attire). Nancy voice overs that she goes there in the morning, puts her brain in a drawer, spends nine hours smiling at people, tolerating her co-workers, staring at the clock. At the end of the day, she reaches for the brain, gets in her car and drives home and that it's really, really, really boring.

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