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Andy and Gretchen have found each other on the couch; she sighs that she and Shane are over. Andy bumps her in the shoulder, saying he's sorry, but Gretchen says it's okay: "They deserve each other." Andy doesn't know whom she means, so she explains: Shane and Kat. Andy shrugs that Kat's gone now. Gretchen knows: she left with Shane a couple of minutes ago. Andy tears out; across the room, Abumchuk sees and follows. And yet, Andy? Still the most responsible Botwin today.

Grow house. Nancy, Conrad, Peter, and Sanjay are still gathered in the kitchen when there's an insistent knocking, obviously from U-Turn. Peter heads out the back to his truck, and Conrad sends Sanjay out, too. "Not with him!" squeals Nancy. Conrad says that he has to go somewhere, and not out the front, so Nancy covers Sanjay's mouth and leads him to the hall closet, instructing him not to come out, no matter what. Nancy and Conrad make it to the door; U-Turn, it appears, abhors tardiness.

Inside, U-Turn tells Conrad that he's got a "nice setup." They get to the kitchen, where U-Turn orders Nancy to take off her shirt, and tells Marvin to check Conrad. This is bullshit, according to Conrad, but U-Turn says that he's checking them for wires: "It's called due diligent." Nancy haughtily corrects him that it's "due diligence," and duly pulls her buttons open. U-Turn praises her "nice titties," and Nancy sasses that he should show her his. But it's not time for the deal yet; U-Turn has to go pee. As he heads off, Marvin explains that he's doing a maple lemonade flush, which makes U-Turn pee more than Marvin's cousin Jerome, who only has one kidney. Nancy: "...Poor Jerome." Don't believe her, Marvin. She's a liar!

And then we see the man who keeps reminding us of that, watching the house from his truck.

Kat drives Andy's van, Shane right up front riding shotgun, Cactus Cooler beside him. Kat brightly thanks Shane for keeping her company, asking where he wants to go. He suggests Pittsburgh, and she agrees, saying that they have to make a stop in Paraguay first. Shane is fine with that, and takes a sip of his Cactus Cooler: "Tastes like baby aspirin!" They really should just make a candy that tastes like that. Other than SweetTarts, I mean.

And then we see that Abumchuk is tailing them in his truck, though this pair of travelling companions is a lot less suited to each other: Andy's sitting shotgun. "Step on it, Geronimo!" yelps Andy frantically. Abumchuk does not care for his slur.

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