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Previously, Doug stole the giant Majestic light-up cross and donated it to Nancy's grow house (which used to be Celia's regular house). Andy's wayward Dick led to Nancy doing business with Chess and his bikers and their skank weed. Nancy ceasing to do business with Chess and his bikers and their skank weed led to Silas getting the shit beat out of him. And all of that, plus much more, led to Shane taking a break from reality and "speaking" to his dead father at the dinner table.

Nancy has to take Silas to an off-the-books doctor in order to treat his wounds (nothing's broken, but he still looks a mess). Doc (who is the same guy who played Babu on Seinfeld so many years ago) recognizes Nancy from the time she and U-Turn brought Marvin in with a bullet in his ass. Nancy asks if Doc can recommend an off-the-books shrink, because...

...Shane is still around the bend and doesn't seem to be coming back soon. Right now he and Andy seem to be engaged in a staring contest, punctuated by Andy trying to get Shane to admit that this is all a big put-on, that there's no Judah there, without explicitly calling him crazy or a liar. But that doesn't seem to be working. Shane says that Judah has a message for Andy: "He wants to know why you let Mom down. Why you didn't take better care of all of us." Oh, that's sad. Weirdly, this freaks Andy out and he looks behind him to see if Judah really is there (he's not), rather than accept the much simpler fact that Shane is the one who's mad that Andy let the family down.

Nancy and Silas get home, Silas advocating for some kind of retribution against the bikers, but Nancy saying that she has no muscle to do that. Andy comes downstairs with the Shane update: not faking, kind of creepy. That's always been the explanation for Shane, though, don't you think? Anyway, Andy says he's starting to think Shane might actually be communicating with the dead, given what "Judah" had to say; "Weird things happen when these Santa Ana winds start blowin'," he rationalizes. And...wow, topical. Morbidly so. Nancy tells Andy to quit fucking around and help her figure out what to do with Shane. Silas is like, "Send him to a shrink, which you should have done years ago." Word, Silas. ...Wow, that felt weird to type. Andy thinks this is a good idea too, but Nancy isn't too keen on what happens when Shane reveals what his mom does for a living, and asking him to lie about that would defeat the purpose. Andy's like, "Hey, things could be worse. You could be pregnant." Okay, the possibility of Nancy getting pregnant as a cliffhanger to next season has become so obviously and explicitly likely that I am almost tempted to say it won't happen now. Foreshadowing can't be this thuddingly obvious, can it? Andy says it's not too likely, though, since she isn't getting any. Oh, but she is, not that she's telling Andy who.

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