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And now a pairing I don't so much love: Sullivan and Celia. She's standing by her man, assuring him the referendum's going to go their way, when Isabelle calls. We only hear Celia's end of the conversation, but it's clear that Isabelle hasn't heard from her dad and is worried. She's right to be, of course, considering Dean's lying at the bottom of a hill, alive but immobile. Celia's sure he's fine, as "God protects the stupid." She'd better hope so, given the sleazeball on whose lap she's sitting.

The central air's busted at Nancy's house, which is a problem, no doubt, but considering I've been in the sweltering pocket of heat that is Brooklyn, NY for a month and a half now with nothing but fans and a tray of ice cubes for comfort, my heart isn't exactly breaking for her. Shane's looking up something or other on the computer, but Nancy blows him off, as usual, because Nancy's got Silas to deal with. As usual. She's furious that he would let Tara in on the business. Silas assures her that Tara is "totally, totally trustworthy." Oh my God. Nancy somehow doesn't trust his judgment, especially considering (though she doesn't mention this) that his judgment is in his pants. Silas counters that Nancy married a DEA agent, and Nancy's like, "Yeah, so don't be that kind of stupid." She says she's planning on taking him to the grow house tomorrow. Silas doesn't know whether that's a reward or a punishment. Depends on if Heylia's there, is my guess.

Out in the woods, a dog comes upon Dean's still-conscious and still-immobile body. And...pees on his face. Man, what did Dean ever do to deserve that?

Elsewhere, Celia's reading the paper; the headline reads "Majestic Swallows Agrestic," so I guess the referendum passed? Sullivan gives her a necklace to thank her for her help. They start making out, and her phone rings. She doesn't want to answer it, but Sullivan picks it up and sees it's from "Belly." Okay, I know that nickname arises from Celia being mean to Isabelle in the first episode, but I think it's totally sweet that Celia has her in her phone as "Belly." Gives me hope for those two. So Celia answers the phone and has to tell Isabelle to stop crying about three times before she can understand what she's saying. Once she does, all she can do is sigh, "Son of a bitch."

Cut to the hospital, where Dean's in one of those neck brace things that makes it looks like you're in a magic trick and your head's in a box. He's also bandaged up on his arms and legs and he can't speak. Isabelle is a crying mess, and Celia tells her to "drop the Steel Magnolias bit." And then out pops Shane to grab Celia by her arms and tell Isabelle to knock her lights out. No, that didn't happen. Though that is the 100th time I've referenced that scene in that movie on this site, which I think makes me eligible for a prize. Or castration. Celia's like, "He's still breathing, isn't he?" Isabelle inquires as to why her mother's such a cunt. Rather than place the blame for that on the two other people in the room, Celia just tells her not to use foul language, lest people think she wasn't raised right. The doctor comes in and explains that Dean's going to live, thanks in part to the many animals who peed on him, inadvertently disinfecting his wounds. He will have to undergo several more surgeries and extensive rehab, but Celia's not at all down for that commitment. Isabelle points out that Dean has no one else, but Celia's still not budging and suggests that the state-funded institutions could help. Speaking of getting peed on by animals...

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