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Nancy's. She's dishing up dinner in the dress from the Chess scene (YOU SEE?) as Shane eagerly quizzes her and Andy about Pittsburgh. It is just fascinating, and yet everyone's attention is distracted from Shane when Silas enters, all tore up. With Nancy and Andy fussing over him, Silas says he was in his car, stopped at a light, when three guys on motorcycles jumped him: "They're coming after all of us." Nancy doesn't have time to get too horrified about that yet because she has to start trying to clean up Silas, and then the alarm goes off again. Andy darts over to the computer to try to turn it off, yelling to Shane to come fix it, but Shane totally ignores everything going on around him, so busy is he listing Pittsburgh neighbourhoods, in alphabetical order. Andy finally manages to turn off the screeching, and Shane yelps that he can name them all in reverse order, too. Nancy asks who he's talking to. Gazing straight at the (apparently empty) chair across from him, Shane chirps, "Dad!" As everyone else who's actually visible in the room takes a second to let that soak in, Shane returns to his partner in Pittsburgh trivia: "Can too!" He starts listing all the neighbourhoods backwards while the other Botwins look sadly at their beloved little crackpot.

Next week: Guillermo Diaz is back!

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