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Roy Till Called

Nancy shows up at the DEA offices asking for Captain Till; everyone starts whispering as she passes, all "That's the one!" Man, Peter must've been pretty loose with the locker room talk. Till is excessively ominous, telling Nancy he's been waiting for her to show up and telling her to sit. The setup is so heavily weighted against Nancy here that it ruins the "twist," which is that Till isn't the least bit suspicious of Nancy or her business. He's too busy trying to keep Peter's vaguely detailed scamming from coming to light. So instead of locking Nancy up and throwing away the key, like she expects, Till instead hands her a life insurance check for $119,000 and some forms to fill out so she can begin collecting his pension. No, Nancy! Tear that check up! It'll ruin your friendship with Val! Till manages to covey to Nancy the fact that her husband was involved with vaguely defined scammings, and that if she did know anything and ever came forward, it might adversely affect those pension checks. Nancy may be a bad mother, bad friend, bad dancer, and the kind of person who allows herself to be degraded by creeps, but she's not stupid. She knows a good deal when she hears one.

Grow House. Just as I predicted he would last week, Conrad is being one hell of a role model for Silas. He's teaching him a marketable skill -- not simply making him his bitch, like he said last week, but actually instructing Silas on the cultivation and care of the plants. He's not an asshole, but he also doesn't let Silas get away with slacking off or not knowing what to do. They momentarily bond over their inability at times to get a read on Nancy, and they even crack wise on each other a few times. I'm seriously so happy I could cry -- Silas finally has one good parent! Now to work on hooking Shane up with Heylia. (Holy shit, can you even imagine?)

In Nancy's car, Shane is trying to comprehend the monumental selfishness and stupidity of Nancy making plans with Dickhead Tim just so she could hang out with Val. Nancy: "I'm not proud." Shane: "You owe me." God, kid. So, so, SO much.

Cut to the mini-golf course (sweet Jesus...), as Tim rage-putts and Shane tries to laugh at him in a way that won't get him kicked in the junk. Nancy observes from a safe distance on a bench, and Val returns with Icees. Nancy reaches for hers but Val pulls back and says Nancy owes her money: $119,000 worth, actually. Val's halfway between pissed off and bewildered that Nancy could have been married to Peter and not told her. Nancy takes the highly dubious position that she was going to tell Val and going to hand her the check, because see, it's right here, in Nancy's purse. They squabble over how to actually get Val the money, since the check is made out to Nancy, but Val's mostly just pissed that she put in eleven years married to that fucker, and Nancy gets the goldmine after one drunken weekend in Vegas (at least, that's how Nancy's telling it). Val asks if Nancy was really going to give her the money anyway, and Nancy's like, "I was mighta gonna." Back on the mini-links, Shane shoots a hole in one and celebrates. "Your kid's annoying," Val truths. "Oh, glass house dwelling person," Nancy snaps back. Val's like, "Oh yeah," and agrees to put down her metaphorical "stone." They eventually make up over Icees and the good and bad ways they are and aren't getting fucked. God, these two. They should have their own show. Oh wait...

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