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Shit Highway

Silas is doing his community service, picking up trash by the roadside. He tries to make small talk with a Spanish-speaking companion about how much easier this would be if they were high, but he's interrupted by a familiar and squeaky voice and oh my gosh, Pam! You've run afoul of the law! "Did you know that if you drink and take Ambien you can randomly black out and run your car right into a boulder? Totaled the Volvo!" Pam, who is wildly drunk, ends up hitting on Silas, asking him to take his shirt off and telling him she's wet (Pam!), and if this doesn't end up scaring Silas straight, there really is no hope for the kid.

Elsewhere, in a part of town far removed from the events we've seen so far, and I wonder how long before they cross paths again though I dearly hope it's soon, Conrad is taking Heylia on a tour of their grow warehouse. Heylia is clearly impressed, though she tries not to show it too much. But when she tries to take an opportunity to bust on Conrad for letting his dick lead him astray (astray towards dumb ass white ladies, let's just say), Conrad finally tells her that they're kind of partners now, and he's going to need some respect if he's going to grow for her. "Fair enough," sniffs Heylia. And...that's it for Heylia and Conrad this week. That blows.

City Council. Celia is making a presentation with Modine's scale model when Doug blunders into the room. Celia tries to force him out, as it's a closed session, but apparently the other council members have devised a scheme where one (Mitch) will resign his seat, the other three will vote Doug as interim holder of that seat, and Doug will give Mitch's landscaping company domain over all the shit-highway-adjacent landscaping. This all happens in the span of about two minutes, which is awfully efficient for bald-faced corruption. Instead of scowling, Celia really should be taking notes. She pledges checks and balances and oversight for this, Doug's second reign of not-quite-terror, but everyone else just laughs in her face and applauds as Doug busts out the vodka. Make 'em pay, Celia. Make 'em all pay.

Nancy returns home with celebratory ice cream because she just got a job as Modine's executive secretary. Shane smiles as big as a canyon at the news, though the modd is brought down considerably (and a little hilariously) as U-Turn calls and bitches Nancy out for not getting him his money from that brick yet. U-Turn's in the middle of a massage ("Fuck, Yevgeni! Not so hard!") and Page Kennedy is still a total cut-up in the role, which helps lighten up the constant and repetitive barrage of "Bitch, get me my money!"

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