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Away We Go

It's the bear. "All right. I'm sorry," she says, being honest and looking deeply into Jill's unbelievably wounded eyes, "I'm sorry I am, and have been, such a disappointment. That's a lot to hang onto. And it must really suck." It's Mary Louise Parker that sells this, as always, and the sparks between them both, but it's the firm acknowledgment that Jill needs right now. And Nancy's backed high up enough into the corner, down at the rock-bottom area, that she can actually for once see that it's true. Jill nods. "Now," Nancy continues, "Will you please get in the fucking car."

Of course, you can't have a moment without some shit happening, so Esteban calls right then to remind Nancy to stay off her feet. "Oh," she laughs, "I'm on my feet. I'm fleeing." Jill whips around to stare at her. "What's going on?" he asks. "Where's Sucio?" Nancy nods, frustrated. "Missing. There was blood. And Guillermo told me if I ratted he'd kill me, so maybe his guys?" She falls into Team Nancy mode so easily it's amazing. Esteban's on the case, thinking hard alongside her, but still points out without a trace of emotion that if it was Guillermo she'd be the dead one. "Get yourself to a safe place and wait for my call."

Jill stares at her sister. "I realize you haven't decided whether or not to kill me after the baby comes, but... Could I have Cesar back for now?" He doesn't answer this, just tells her to wait for his call, and hangs up. "Still want to be me?" she grins hugely.

Yes. Forever. That's the price. The irresistible force and the immovable object: the one who ran, and the one who stayed. The one who refused to believe in grief, and the one who lives there always. Jealous as goddesses, each carrying the other's burden and letting it be carried. Dependent, co-dependent, splitting one twinned soul between them, ripped in half by grief. There's a reason the Gray Girls are twins, that Jill had to have her uncanny twin daughters, and it's this: the Price Girls will always want to be each other, forever, because they can't stand the idea of being themselves, and when they look at each other that's all they can see. U-Turn was a better bear, but Jill has seniority.

Jill and Nancy get into the car, together, and drive away with their men in the backseat, heading for safe places. And Captain Roy Till's just across the street, watching them drive away, having finally found his man.

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