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Away We Go

Andy looks around the Mexican OB-GYN's office: "This place gives me the creeps." Nancy's hilarious: "Welcome to my pregnancy." He complains about the office, the usual litany -- no English, thirsty but can't drink the water, waiting room magazines are in Spanish -- and she expresses sympathy that life is so hard for him. He responds by smelling her hair.

Esteban enters and asks if she's been behaving recklessly, and she's like, "Maybe it's all the rough sex?" She introduces Andy to the father of her child, and Andy says he pictured Esteban taller. Esteban tells him to leave and he says he's staying, then urges Nancy to beg to differ on his behalf. Esteban laughs: "You talk like a clown. Payaso." Andy's like, "What is it with that word?"

When the doctor comes in, Andy proves it's not that off-base: "A Mexican gyno? If you're starting a mariachi band, yes, go Mexican. Down there, you want a Jew."

Nancy watches Esteban pace and stare at the screen, worried. The doctor asks her if she's cramping but no: just a little blood. No cocaine or amphetamines? She assures him she's been off cocaine and amphetamines for almost a week now, and then explains that this is a joke. The whole room like collectively sighs. The doctor addresses Esteban, as usual, saying that this is just a "warning," from the body of Nancy, saying to take it easy. No stress, no more strenuous activity. He nods, and she stares; he tells her not to get stressed, and she smiles sadly, and asks him to drive her home. Oh, Nance.

Esteban informs her that she's already disrupted his schedule enough, and that she needs to go home and relax. She's sad. If he hears that she's not relaxing, he says, there will be consequences. They're both grossed out; Andy's grossed out, but Esteban doesn't want any of his shit. "You're going to be such a great dad," Andy snarks, and holds out his hand for a firm shake, and Esteban leaves. "Psych," Andy says lamely, and his hand goes up to smooth his hair. In a world full of Goofus, Nancy wants desperately to nap. Gallant's dead and gone, and she never learned to be her own.

Back home, as Nancy's telling Sucio to take advantage of the outdoor shower whenever he feels like it, really, they notice the door's unlocked. He pats her A-Team style and draws his gun, heading inside. It's Silas, who freezes, and Nancy says it's her son. Then says it again -- his name is what he is -- and gets confused: it's her son, who's supposed to be in the forest, tending to his clones. Silas says only that they went down a bad road, and asks who Sucio is. "My bodyguard," she says breezily, pretending to be a princess again for a moment.

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