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Away We Go

Sucio compliments Silas on his muy bonita set of teeth -- they really are -- and Silas just says "Hola" a bunch of times. In the kitchen, he offers his mother fresh coffee, but she just stares at him. He remembers she hasn't drunk coffee since like Season Three, and plays it off: "You don't even look pregnant! You look great! Gorgeous! Thin!" She grins at him and asks how much money he's after, and he sighs and says he wants to open a store, "an above-board and legit retail establishment." His smile and the ingratiating, obvious way he's buttering her up: he knows he's beautiful, he knows how to get what he wants, from anybody. And where did he learn that?

An above-board and legit retail establishment selling what, exactly? But Nancy already knows. Shane's becoming his mother in Season One, smalltime dealer; of course Silas is moving on to Season Two: medical marijuana this time. "Come on!" he squeals. "Obama's President!" She tells him he can't be sure they won't get busted, what, like he has contacts in the DOJ? Give him time. He says if it's legal in the state, they leave you alone; it's no risk.

There's always risk. "My exciting and death-defying adventures in the drug trade should have taught you this by now," she mumbles hilariously, back in her kitchen, back on top. Without even thinking, she mutely hands the peanut butter jar to Sucio; without thinking, he mutely opens it for her. Silas shows her his business plans: "You made this the family business," he unwisely points out: "At least I'm doing it legal." She attends to her sandwich, pointing out that opening any retail business in this economy is nuts, but Silas responds that weed is pretty much recession-proof, and Doug knows all this stuff. She laughs. "How reassuring! Just keep him away from the inventory." Silas's smile triples in size as she asks Sucio to hand her a banana. Gallantly, he does.

Sucio pulls his gun on Shane, the last of her men to come home. "Stop. Other son. Who's supposed to be in Oakland with my sister?" Jill comes in right after him, bitching, and Sucio pulls on her too. "That's my sister. You can shoot her if you want." They stare at her. "Not really." Shane explains that Jill banged Uncle Andy, and Nancy's jaw drops -- didn't she own him? Wasn't he her territory? -- and Jill gets petulant immediately: "I can do things!" Nancy is amazed, mind blown. "She's a screamer," Shane offers with a grin, delighting his brother; Jill screams at him to shut up, calls him a "weird little pervert," explains how Shane threatened to show Scott the pictures of her fucking Andy. Anything to get home.

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