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Away We Go

"Soap. Jabon? Soap. Shampoo, don't really know the word for that. Towel. Don't know the word for that either. Lava. Lava. Sí?" He stares up at the shower; he stares it down. "Como se llama... Loofah?" She rolls her eyes and heads back inside; he snatches at her arm but she tells him to chill, and leaves him alone with the shower. He doesn't take his eyes off it, and very bravely removes his shirt.

Upstairs, Nancy can hear Andy and Jill fucking, and her eyes go wide. Jill says something about rarely coming by fucking, and they laugh, and do it, and Nancy's grossed out. She rolls her eyes, but gets creeped out as the sex gets more and more intense and loud, and eventually she fairly runs back to the porch, loofah in hand.

"Sucio? Sucio? I know you're naked..." She holds one arm out the door, smiling to herself with eyes turned away. "And maybe even clean! I know it's very scary for you. And new..." No response. Finally, she looks: "Sucio? Dónde está usted..." The Limited White People Spanish on this show is so awesome, it's so well-done. Sucio's clothes are piled neatly near the shower, with his cell phone and charger and pocket stuff on top. There's no Sucio, though: just a bit of blood. More than light spotting; definitely a warning.

Shane Botwin isn't in the Oakland Hills, safe, away from all this; he's feet from it, sitting downstairs while his aunt fucks his uncle upstairs and foul play is perpetrated on his drug-dealing mother's bodyguard on the back patio. He tells Nancy he hasn't seen Sucio, and she grabs him. She's still got the loofah in her hands as she drags him upstairs and tells him to stay away from Andy's door, which she opens. "Cover your ears and stay where I can see you," she tells the little pervert, who does neither, and then watches her brother fuck her sister. She waits, boredly, until they come. There they go.

"We gotta go. Now. Not safe." Jill gives her a huge WTF but she's like, "I waited until you came! Be grateful." She takes hugely grinning Shane downstairs, promising him when he's older and in therapy he'll somehow make sense of all this. As we do.

Celia wakes up to the prodding of a border agent, on a bus. "Where in the fuck am I?" she asks, and he even calls her ma'am when he tells her she's in Texas. She groans, sad and a little lonely, with a headache, and the bus drives off, leaving her on the Texas/Mexico border with tons of cute luggage, no pudding, and an outfit so seriously adorable it could be described as... revolutionary, with those culottes they all seem to favor when engaged in overthrow. She looks like a bajillion pesos, actually, considering all she's been through.

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