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Wide Stances and Sneaky Glances

Esteban's getting dressed -- Is it for his date? He sure does look nice! -- and he's all, "In a way, Pilar is right because I should be happy. And Cesar, you should smile more." He leaves and Cesar smiles at himself in the mirror, forcedly, and Survey Says? Three big red X's and a Why So Serious. Never ever again should Cesar smile.

See but I think this whole "live love laugh and be happy" thing with Esteban is after his date with the perfect lady, because of the whole parallel structure of this episode, which is just too darned subtle, which is a bummer, because the whole Esteban/Nancy relationship was already sort of complicated before the rape, and you know how people get about the idea of rape. So if you're brain's already turned itself off, then you have them just constantly lying to each other and hoping that they'll see the truth behind the lie, and it's just the same thing as holding guns to each other's heads, only less shocking to actually watch. And since throwing up your hands and saying you don't understand Nancy Botwin and never will is the path of least resistance, and like the only way you can possibly enjoy the show if you're that lazy -- by bitching about how little you enjoy the show, still, three weeks from the finale -- it probably does seem repetitive. I just feel like it's finally going somewhere.

Nancy and Andy crawl into bed that night exhausted and in the morning, Esteban walks in to find their heads together in the bed, like twins, arms crossing over the pillow wall, wearing identical clothes. Nancy snaps the fuck to attention, fingers crossed and overjoyed at her luck -- walking in on us, in bed together -- and sure enough (while Andy's yipping inconsequentially), Esteban holds out a ring and proposes marriage for the like eleventh time. She smiles indulgently, because she knows he means it this time, and clucks. "We've had this discussion before..." Esteban asks for the room to have it again, and Andy thinks he and Nancy are a team, and says no. So Nancy has to ask, which causes Andy to start screaming about how it's his house and his room and his Nancy, so they go downstairs and out into the front door.

Andy pretends to be getting his bitchy beauty rest, but immediately bounces down the stairs and gets Shane ("Fuck am I gonna do with a dollar?") to go spy on them. Their conversation is Nancy playing dumb and laying out every scenario so that he'll eliminate them one by one: this is another fake/secret engagement? No. This is a secret babydaddy arrangement? No. He tells her about his date with the woman he's "supposed to be with," so Nancy obliges and tells him to fuck off, heading for the door, even though that's clearly not the whole deal because he's proposing. He explains that she had the right clothes and said the right things: she was the perfect wife for a candidate. "She turned you down, so you're here?"

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